It might be the smallest competing nation in the contest, but in the end, everyone is playing in the same league and are the same size. San Marino’s representative, Piqued Jacks, has finally released the revamped version and is slowly getting ready to make the tiny nation proud on the big stage in Liverpool!

San Marino in 2023

What makes the release even more special, is because now we finally have all 37 songs that will compete in Liverpool, available online on the most popular streaming services. “Like An Animal” was the last that needed to be released, and can now be enjoyed by fans of the song.

For 2023, San Marino went with their national final, with had a lot of non-nationals competing for the honor of representing the microstate this year. After multiple applications, phases, semi-finals and one big final in Dogana, Piqued Jacks could claim themselves victorious.

Currently, the band is touring around Europe to promote themselves ahead of the contest in Liverpool. So far, the tour has brought the band to the cities of Barcelona, Warsaw and Tel-Aviv, and will also continue to Madrid, London and Amsterdam.

We were even so lucky to catch them in Barcelona for a quick small talk, which can be seen right here:

Piqued Jacks will have the honor of representing the tiny nation of San Marino in the second semi-final, which takes place on the 11th of May 2023, as we all know, in Liverpool. This is where the will perform their song “Like An Animal” for all of the viewers around the world, they will perform in the 12th spot.

What do #YOU think about the studio version of the song and how well do #YOU think San Marino will do this year?
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