Rotterdam, 10 May 2021


Kicking off the third day of rehearsals, it’s time to see what San Marino has in store! Did the rehearsal ignite our spark? More details of San Marino’s first rehearsal is below.

Country: San Marino (#SMR)
Act: Senhit
Song: “Adrenalina”
Semifinal: Second (20/05/2021)
Position in Running Order: 01/17

The aesthetics of the “Adrenalina” fit right in with the performance here in Rotterdam. The bright colors, patterns, and revolving platform make a return, leading to a busy-looking staging that, while at the same time, isn’t overwhelming to the viewer. The performance opens with Senhit standing on stage wearing an opulent golden-trimmed headpiece with pictures of the Virgin Mary and the Son. The headpiece lasts but a moment before Senhit returns to her black jumpsuit with frills to match her brown geometric perm wig.

Senhit’s vocals were on par, and sounded better than her previous entry in 2011, “Stand By”. Senhit sounds confident throughout the performance, and brings her A-game, and doesn’t sound shaky. Senhit has four back-up dancers on stage, all androgynous looking wearing white leather bodysuits cut off at the shorts, with red stars in the eyes that feel evocative of David Bowie.

The big question is though, “Is Flo Rida there?” The answer is, “not yet”? There was a stand-in (Faux Rida? No Rida? You decide) for Flo Rida’s rap part of the song. This lends the question if Flo Rida will make it to Rotterdam later in the rehearsal schedule.

Overall, this song proved itself as a good choice to open the semi. The performance is high octane and ignites a lot of emotions in the viewer. It’ll be an exciting song to watch as it opens the show on Thursday, the 20th of May.


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What do #YOU think of San Marino’s rehearsal? Do you think it was dynamite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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