Back in December, we were presented with 46 songs that could possibly represent Romania in Turin, and it’s been like that, just until very recently. A few days before tonight, the list dropped down to 20 songs, and now there is only 10 songs left.

Selecția Naționala 2022 – Semi-final

The Romanian selection this year, has been seen as one of the more complicated ones, so let’s just cover what has happened here during the semi-final, just to keep it simple. Since we’ve already covered how this selection largely works, so let’s just stay with what’s important for now.

Tonight, a total of 20 acts were selected to compete in the televised semi-final, these acts were selected by both the juries and an online public vote. 15 of these were picked by the jury, while the online vote was capable of saving another 5 acts.

These were the 20 acts competing tonight: (In alphabetical order – Italic bold titles were saved by the public, rest was picked by the jury)

  • Alex Parker & Bastien – “All This Love”
  • Aldo Blaga – “Embers”
  • Andra Oproiu – “Younique”
  • Andrei Petruș – “Take Me”
  • ARIS – Do Svidaniya
  • Cezar Ouatu – For Everyone
  •  Cream, Minodora & Diana – “România Mea”
  • Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”
  • E-an-na – “Malere”
  • Eliza G – “The Other Half of Me”
  • Eugenia Nicolae ft. Cazanoi Brother – “Doina”
  • Gabriel Basco – “One Night”
  • Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”
  • Mălina – “Prisoner”
  • MØISE – “Guilty”
  • Oana Tăbultoc – “Utopia”
  • PETRA – “Ireligios”
  • VANU – “Never Give Up”
  • Vizi – “Sparrow”
  • WRS – Llámame


Despite broadcasting the show live for audience to watch, then that was pretty much all they could do, since the semi-final was solely decided by the 5 jury members, that judged each song throughout the night, the panel consisted of Alexandra Ungureanu, Ozana Barabancea, Randi, Cristian Faur and Adrian Romcescu.

Announced in random order, these were the 10 selected semi-finalists that advanced to the final, which will take place on the 5th of March:

  • Alex Parker & Bastien – “All This Love”
  • Andrei Petruș – “Take Me”
  • Cream, Minodora si Diana Bucșă – “România Mea”
  • Petra – “Ireligios”
  • Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”
  • MØISE – “Guilty”
  • Gabriel Basco – “One Night”
  • VANU – “Never Give Up”
  • WRS – “Llámame”
  • Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”

Romania was during the allocation draw, drawn to compete in the second semi-final on the 12th of May 2022 in Turin, and will perform in the second half.

Which of these 10 do #YOU think will represent Romania and do #YOU think this was a good way to decide the finalists, with juries only? Let’s hear from you on our forum HERE or on our social media sites.

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