If you love the Eurovision marathons that both Lithuania and Sweden normally offer, then fear not, cause now the next 6 upcoming Sundays, Romania will be ready to entertain you.


As we know by now, Romania has announced that they will go all in with a total of 5 Semi-finals and 1 Grand Final, in order to find out, who will represent Romania in Lisbon.

Today the news about the semi-finals came out, and if you’ve already listened to all 60 competing songs, then you’ll know now, when you’ll have to cheer for your favorite, to reach the final.

The Semi-Finals

The first show and semi-final will take place on the 21st of January 2018, and starting from that date, every week a new show will take place in Romania. At the same time, the host cities have also been announced, and despite it’s most likely the final will take place in Bucharest, then it can still change, since the host city of the final, has still not been found. Who will be hosting the show is still unknown as well, and is yet to be announced.

The First Semi-final: Taking place on 21st of January, in Focșani:

  1. Lina – A Love Worth Falling For
  2. Johnny Bădulescu – Devoted
  3. Hellen – From Underneath
  4. Eduard Santha – Mesom Romales
  5. Echoes – Mirror
  6. Alex Florea – Nobody Told Me It Would Hurt
  7. Waleska – Renacer
  8. Liviu Anghel – Rise Up
  9. CornEL – Take Me Away
  10. Tom Hartis – Teardrop Rain
  11. Elena Turcu – The Perfect Fall
  12. Alexia & Matei – Walking On Water

The Second Semi-final: Taking place on 28st of January, in Timișoara:

  1. Jukebox feat Bella Santiago – Auzi Cum Bate
  2. Alessandro Dănescu – Breaking Up
  3. Meriem – End The Battle
  4. MIHAI – Heaven
  5. Jessie Baneş – Lightning Strikes
  6. Romeo Zaharia – Maybe This Time
  7. Othello – Noi Suntem Pădure
  8. Miruna Diaconescu – Run For You
  9. Serena – Safari
  10. Pragu’ de Sus – Te Voi Chema
  11. Endless feat Maria Grosu – Thinking About You
  12. RAFAEL & ANDY – We Are One

The Third Semi-final: Taking place on 4th of February, in Craiova:

  1. Erminio Sinni & Titziana Camelin – All The Love Away
  2. Zavera – Come Back To Me
  3. Mareş Pană – Daydreamer
  4. Aurel Dincă – Fire In The Sky
  5. Tavi Clonda – King
  6. VYROS – La La La
  7. Diana Brătan („Paint It Rainbow
  8. Carolina Gorun – Reach Out For The Stars
  9. Elena Hasna – Revival
  10. Eliza Chifu – So Good Without You
  11. Ayona – The Story Goes On
  12. XANDRA – Try

The Fourth Semi-final: Taking place on 11th of February, in Turda:

  1. Feli – Bună De Iubit
  2. ZØLTAN – Dacă Dragostea E Oarbă
  3. TIRI – Deşert De Sentimente
  4. Paula Crişan – I Am Here
  5. Cristian Siminonescu – Nirvana
  6. Alice Jeckel – Out Of The Dark
  7. Dan Manciulea – Rază De Soare
  8. Lion’s Roar – Rekindle The Flame
  9. Claudia Andas – The One
  10. Ioana Ciornea – Time After Time
  11. Bernice Chiţiul – Too Busy For My Heart
  12. Nicoleta Ţicală – Una Oportunidad

The Fifth and last Semi-final: Taking place on 18th of February, in Sighişoara:

  1. SAVE – All We Need
  2. Tomher Cohen – Baby You’re The Only One
  3. Sergiu Bolota – Every Little Thing
  4. Dora Gaitanovici – Fără Tine
  5. Teodora Dinu – Fly
  6. The HUMANS – Goodbye
  7. Iliana – I Won’t Lie
  8. Evermorph – Live Your Life
  9. Alexandru Ungureanu – Sail With Me
  10. Manuel Chivari – Somebody To Love
  11. Maria Suciu – Sweet Nothing
  12. Denisa Trofin – Tears

The Grand Final will then take place on the 25th of February, with 3 songs qualifying from each semi-final, so the grand final will contain 15 songs in total.

The Finalists will be solely decided by a 5-man jury, consisting of the following individuals:

  • Marian Ionescu
  • Ilinca Băcilă
  • Nicu Patoi
  • Liliana Ştefan
  • Viorel Gavrilă


Prior to the release of all the semi-finalists and the semi-finals that will compete, it was revealed that 1 act from the original line-up of 60 songs, has been removed.

Freia with her song “Fix Me” has been disqualified from the competition, due to breaking an EBU rule. The song was released before 1st of September last year, and makes it impossible to appeal the decision of disqualification.

Freia has herself commented on the disappointing situation. She states, that the song was released in China back in May 2017 and on Spotify in various other countries.

She regrets the sad situation, and states that she would’ve never intended to take part in the contest, if she knew, she had broken the rules of the competition.

Instead, Tomher Cohen with the song “You’re The Only One” will take part as the replacement. Tomher Cohen will compete in the fifth semi-final.

Are #YOU looking forward to the Romanian semi-final, as always, let us know! 🙂

Sources(In Romanian) –
Semi-finals and cities: http://eurovision.tvr.ro/2018/eurovision-romania-cinci-orase-pentru-cinci-semifinale/
Disqualification: http://eurovision.tvr.ro/2018/precizari-referitoare-la-descalificarea-piesei-fix-me-freia-din-selectia-nationala/

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