Tonight, Romania will kick off with their semi-final. 15 acts will compete against each other and only 10 will make to the final which is scheduled for Sunday 5th March. Alexandra Crăescu has spoken to us about her entry “Hope”

Hello Alexandra

First of all thank you for your time talking to us. How are you ? Can you introduce yourselves ? What can you tell us about yourself?

Thank you very much for thinking about me to do this interview. It’s an honour! I am fine, happy and excited! ☺ My name is Alexandra Craescu, and I am from Romania. I am a singer, I’m 27 years old and I do this since I was a child. I am a very ambitious person, and I like to finish everything I start. I treat my job seriously, and I am a perfectionist. ☺

Your song that you will be presenting for the national final in Romania is “Hope” . What can you tell us about the song?

The song speaks about not giving up on hope, to always have faith in yourself and never loose faith.

What was the inspiration for the song, and did you write it specifically for the national final in Molodova and Eurovision?

The name of the composer is Carlos Fernandes. I am not sure if he wrote the song especially for Eurovision, but he trusted me to sing it.

What is your impression of the Eurovision Song Contest in general? Do you watch it every year? What is your favourite entry?

I love this contest and in general I like competitions. They make me want more from myself and to surpass me. I didn’t watched it every year, but I always wanted to know who won it. I don’t have a favourite entry, but I appreciate all of them! Because I know how much they wanted to win, and the work behind each performance.

Apart from the Eurovision Song Contest , where would you dream to do a performance>

Oh… I have a very big dream but I am afraid I must be pessimistic about it. ☺ I dream to sing along with Celine Dion at Caesars Palace. She was my inspiration since I was a child and I grew up with her music. I always dreamed to be like her. ☺

Has being on tv made you more self-conscious?

Being on TV has made me wanting more. More from myself as an artist. I started to be more conscious that the world of television is as hard as being an artist these days.

What ís the best bit of advice you have ever been given? 

The best advice that was ever been given to me, is to never stop believing in myself. And I never did. Never will.

What’s your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is to lose the ones I love…

Where would we find you on a typical Sunday Afternoon?

On a Sunday afternoon? I guess in bed, if the last nigh I had a gig, or maybe out for a walk, or to see a cool movie.

What is a typical day like for you?

I usually sleep more than a normal person (I think) ☺But after I wake up, I like to have a well prepared schedule, if I have rehearsals, or recordings, or other things like that. If I don’t, I like to do the usual things every women does: cleaning the house, cooking, and of course listening a lot of music. And why not, some vocalizations.

You can listen to Alexandra’s entry “Hope” in the link:



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