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It’s been over two months since a man with a beard and long dark hair won the Eurovision Song Contest. Even the most severe cases of PED (=Post Eurovision Depression) seem to be wearing off now. However, for many of us there was something new to deal with in the last few days: Post World Cup Depression.
And who could possibly be capable of curing PWCD? Exactly, a man with a beard and long dark hair!

Sébastien Tellier gave us an unforgettable performance at ESC 2008
Sébastien Tellier gave us an unforgettable performance at ESC 2008

Nope, we’re not talking about our dear Conchita Wurst here – this time the spotlight belongs to the French 2008 representative Sébastien Tellier who wasn’t quite as successful as his Austrian colleague but still managed to achieve a respectable 18th place in Belgrade. His new album “L’Aventura” is strongly Brazil-influenced and serves as a smooth transition from the nail-biting football event the Latin American country has just wrapped up.

Why Brazil though? “For this album I wanted to rewrite my childhood. I chose to locate this adventure in Brazil, a land of splendour and joy, a country with an eternal child-like soul,” the French artist said. Parts of the album were even recorded in Rio de Janeiro. And the main theme Sébastien Tellier picked is clearly noticeable – it runs like a golden thread through the whole record.

The first few songs already make clear what this album is all about: Samba and Bossa Nova elements combined with dreamy Tellier-esque sounds which result in a fascinating and relaxing soundscape. While listening to “Love” and “Ma Calypso” you’re immediately transferred to Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana – possibly having a sip of your caipirinha. “Sous les rayons du soleil” and the lead single “L’Adulte” provide us with more radio-friendly, catchy tunes.

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While the first four songs make us assume it’s a very homogenous album, “Ricky l’adolescent” surprises us with a slight shift by featuring edgy electronic elements and a darker atmosphere in general. The most daring song of the album is definitely “Comment revoir Oursinet?” – a 14 minute piece that sways effortlessly between quirky beats and the general Brazil theme of “L’Aventura”

The ultimate three songs perfectly wrap up Tellier’s album – it’s certainly the most upbeat part of the record. Now we’re back to our caipirinha and it’s certainly been more than just a few sips now. Songs like “Ambiance Rio” and “L’enfant vert” bring back the cheerful Copacabana atmosphere and encourage us to have a little dance at the beach.

All in all, “L’Aventura” was really enjoyable to listen to. If you’re searching for good summer music, Tellier’s album is definitely the way to go. He manages to create a light-hearted atmosphere while still maintaining high musical quality.

You can listen to the album here!

Do you like Sébastien Tellier’s new album? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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