Rotterdam, 11 May 2021

The Black Mamba took the stage in Rotterdam, producing a true class act. Read more about it in our report below.

Country: Portugal (#PRT)
Act: The Black Mamba
Song: “Love is on my side”
Semifinal: Second (20/05/2021)
Position in Running Order: 12/17

Portugal’s The Black Mamba were, safe to say, not a favourite going into the rehearsals. Yet, they proved that they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

The act starts similarly to the NF version. The visuals start in grey scale, mimicking a roaring 20s vibe. Thr band members are scattered across the stage keeping social distance. After the first chorus, the colour comes in, first dark blue and later transitioning into the colours of the dawn (pink, gold, orange).

Lead vocalist Pedro (aka Tatanka) is the centrepiece of the performance, wearing a classic black suit (with bowtie), striking white shoes and of course his trademark hat. During the bridge we walks towards the satellite stage using the catwalk. Interestingly, he’s accompanied by a CGI lady (dressed in the style of a 1920’s courtesane), projected by the sidedrop. It looks very cool and breaks up the monotony quite nicely.

Once on the satellite stage, Tatanka takes an electric guitar off a stand and performs a solo, providing a nice end towards this pleasant song.

We aren’t quite sure whether this is a qualifier or not, but overall the Portugese rehearsal has been competent. They are still very much into this competition.

Join the team on the livestream!

What do #YOU think of  The Black Mamba’s rehearsal? Will Eurovision love be on their side? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media!

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