Another hour, another poll result. This time, we will discuss Norway and can #YOU believe it, KEiiNO won #YOUR poll in a landslide.

It was honestly not even close, I’ll just leave the results as they are without commentary. They speak for themselves!

Full Results

  1. KEiiNO – “Monument” (58%)
  2. Raylee – “Hero” (9%)
  3. Jorn – “Faith bloody faith” (8%)
  4. TIE: Emmy – “Witch woods”/ Blåsemafian & Hazel – “Let loose” (6%)
  5. _
  6. TIX – “Fallen angel” (4%)
  7. IMERIKA – “I can’t escape” (3%)
  8. Kaja Rode – “Feel again” (2%)
  9. KiiM – “My lonely voice” (2%, one fewer vote than Kaja)
  10. Rein Alexander – “Eyes wide open” (1%)
  11. Atle Petterson – “World on fire” (1%, one fewer vote than Rein)
  12. Stavangerkameratene – “Who I am” (> 1%)

Do these results resonate with #YOU? Is KEiiNO your favourite as well or would #YOU rather see someone else win MGP? Let us know in the comments here or on social media, or join the Norway discussion on our forum HERE


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