Another day, another batch of votes coming in. Despite only a few votes left, another batch of 3 results were released earlier today, leaving barely any hesitation for people to wonder, who might pull out victorious in the end.

Last we saw that barely anything had changed on the scoreboard, however, the tight gap between the top 2 countries – that being Finland and Sweden – was getting smaller. Today’s batch of votes comes from OGAE Romania, OGAE Malta and EC Germany(who votes separately from OGAE Germany).

Results from Romania

First up are the votes from Romania, who sadly are presenting their combined votes from only 15 voters, being the second lowest amount of voters so far, from any voting club.

  • Sweden 🇸🇪 – 12 points
  • Italy 🇮🇹 – 10 points
  • Israel 🇮🇱 – 8 point
  • Moldova 🇲🇩 – 7 points
  • Finland 🇫🇮 – 6 points
  • France 🇫🇷 – 5 points
  • Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 – 4 points
  • Spain 🇪🇸 – 3 points
  • Austria 🇦🇹 – 2 points
  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧 – 1 point

Results from Malta

Next up is the votes from Malta, who despite their small size, still managed to squeeze out votes from 36 voters, who had the following combined results:

  • Sweden 🇸🇪 – 12 points
  • Norway 🇳🇴 – 10 points
  • Italy 🇮🇹 – 8 points
  • Finland 🇫🇮 – 7 points
  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧 – 6 points
  • Israel 🇮🇱 – 5 points
  • France 🇫🇷 – 4 points
  • Cyprus 🇨🇾 – 3 points
  • Austria 🇦🇹 – 2 points
  • Poland 🇵🇱 – 1 point

Results from EC Germany

We finally have in this batch, the last few votes that comes from EC Germany, who managed to gather more votes than the counterpart OGAE Germany. In total, they had 161 voters, who combined came with this result:

  • Finland 🇫🇮 – 12 points
  • Sweden 🇸🇪 – 10 points
  • France 🇫🇷 – 8 points
  • Italy 🇮🇹 – 7 points
  • Norway 🇳🇴 – 6 points
  • Austria 🇦🇹 – 5 points
  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧 – 4 points
  • Czechia 🇨🇿 – 3 points
  • Switzerland 🇨🇭 – 2 points
  • Spain 🇪🇸 – 1 point

Despite there being two German clubs voting, the results did remain rather similar, but with it’s obvious differences. The top 6 countries were all identical, but just slightly sorted a bit differently. Spain and Switzerland also scored with both German voting groups. However, EC Germany rather went for Czechia and the UK, rather than going with Moldova and Portugal like OGAE Germany did.

Now, to the more interesting part of this batch of votes, being both Romania and Malta awarding Sweden their top score, but also damaging Finland’s chances of being the OGAE favorite ahead of the contest.

Both Finland and Sweden have received points from all clubs that have voted so far, but the damage done by both Romania and Malta, has helped Sweden to regain first place… together with Finland, yep it’s currently a tie!

Currently, both Sweden and Finland are stuck on 380 points, and it’s even VERY likely that both countries will break the 400 mark together, but who will pinch the most out of the remaining clubs?

There are only 4 sets of votes left, and among the clubs that still need to reveal their scores, we have OGAE Czechia, OGAE Latvia, OGAE Azerbaijan and… OGAE Finland.

That’s a VERY important detail to notice, since this means that Finland can only receive points from 3 of the 4 clubs left. Of course, it all comes down to how the remaining 4 clubs have voted, but it’s still important that Finland can claim the remaining 12 points, which they can get.

It also depends, if the Finns will reward Sweden or not, but should Finland award more than 6 points, then the minor differences won’t be enough. It is unknown how the people groups are like in the OGAE voting, but Finland do have a large Swedish minority, so it is hard to imagine Finland not giving Sweden the 12 points and sealing their own faith to 2nd place on the scoreboard.

Now, to give a bit of attention to some of the others on the board, both Austria and Italy has now broken into the 200 point mark, and a new country has at long last finally scored their first points, that being Azerbaijan scoring their first 4 points, all coming from Romania.

Already known results:

Source(s): OGAE International

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