Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix selection will happen once again, but according to Head of Delegation Stig Karlsen there will be a few changes introduced for the 2023 edition.

Last week Karlsen made an appearance on the Grand Prix Podkasten (Grand Prix Podcast) and indicated that the biggest change for next year’s selection will be seen in the show’s format. In 2020 and 2021 MGP featured a total of 5 semi-final shows, with the 2022 edition utilizing 4 semi-finals and a “Last Chance” round . But for 2023 the 21 selected songs will be competing across 3 semi-finals instead. It is currently unknown if there will still be a handful of auto-qualifying songs for the final, but if there are not each semi-final would feature 7 songs and artists.

There was also discussion on the podcast that an international jury could make a return to MGP. NRK last utilized an international jury structure from 2017 through 2019, but the international jury would only select the top four songs to move on to the second round of voting in the Gold Final. The winner of the Gold Final and the Gold Duel would then be decided by various rounds of televoting in Norway. If the international jury structure returns to MGP again, it will likely follow this same format.

Karlsen’s final comments on the podcast had to do with the submissions NRK has received this year, with him saying confidently that “there’s four songs that can take the Eurovision trophy this year.”

Who could we see in MGP 2023?

A number of well-known Eurovision and MGP songwriters appeared at the August songwriting camps in Rena, Bergen, and Oslo with the specific purpose of composing MGP entries. A number of songwriters were there to help create the next batch of entries such as:

  • Oscar North and various team members from The Woods (worked on “Death of Us”, “Black Flowers” and more)
  • Alan Roy Scott (co-writer for Cleopatra by Efendi)
  • Jonas Jensen (co-writer with Elsie Bay on “Death of Us”)
  • Ben Adams and Sindre Timberlid Jenssen (co-writers of “Titans” by Vilde) along with fellow “I Can’t Escape co-writers Morten Franck and Bjørn Edvardsen
  • Henrik Tala (co-writer “Wonder of the World” by Christian Ingebrigtsen)
  • Christian Ingebrigtsen (MGP 2022 participant and co-writer of “Attention” by Ulrikke)
  • NYLAN (collaborator with Elsie Bay and participant in ESCZ songwriting camp)
  • AKRAS / Olli Äkräs (songwriter for “Witch Woods” and “Queen Bees”)

Karlsen’s instagram story from the songwriting camp also featured a number of well-known names like Camilla North (1in360 participant in 2018), Winner of the Voice Norway 2017 Lillen Stenberg, MGP 2021 participants EMMY and Imerika, and MGP 2022 artists Oda Gondrosen and Elsie Bay. Only Camilla and Lillen were featured at the microphone, the others appeared to be part of the songwriting process for other artists.

Additional artists that appeared in the stories were Silje Blandkjenn, Lea Horseng, Henriette Linja (The Voice Norway 2017), Malene Markussen, NICOLAY,  Magnus, Jeanette Krommen, Martine, , Kine Kleveland (The Voice Norway 2021), Aili (Sámi Grand Prix 2022), EHLE, RYSS, Cece Evelyn, Ella, Alessandra Mele (The Voice Norway 2022), EVELINA, Christine Ekeberg, and Dia.

The submission deadline for MGP 2023 closed on September 18th, a few weeks after the songwriting camps ended. MGP is set to be held in January and February of 2023, with a final artist and song list likely to appear in early January.

What do #YOU think about the proposed changes for MGP 2023? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, on our forum HERE or on social media! 

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