The 2016 year is coming to an end. And while most people are now focusing on next year’s contest, we thought that this is a good opportunity to take a look back and find out which ESC 2016 acts ended up being the most popular and talked about artists of the year

Today, we are analyzing which artists were the most popular and searched entries of the 2016 calendar year on Wikipedia.

The results are below, this is how we ranked them: The most important determiner are the Average Daily Views so how many people visited Wikipedia each day to read up on a particular act. In the case of a tie, we took the overall view count into consideration. Please keep in mind that not all acts had a Wikipedia article on January 1st which means even though they had less views, the average Daily view may be higher due to that fact. We utilized the Pageview Analytics tool to obtain these figures. The count only includes visits to the English Wikipedia. We understand that this is not a completely fair scientific score so just have fun with it.

The most popular Wikipedia act shouldn’t come as a surprise. This was definitely Jamala’s year and a lot of people wanted to find out more about her after her win in Stockholm. Once again, Dami Im finds herself in the runner-up position so her participation definitely gave her a good amount of exposure. Joe and Jake from the United Kingdom are in third place which can be explained by the fact that they’re from one of the biggest countries in Europe that happens to speak English. The highest ranked Non-Qualifier is Nicky Byrne from Ireland which once again isn’t that shocking considering he was probably the biggest name in the running and he’s from a country that utilizes the English wikipedia more frequently.

Take a look, were there any major surprises?


[table caption=”Wikipedia Ranking” width=”750″ colwidth=”50|60|70|50|50″ colalign=”center|center|left|center|center”] no,country,artist,Daily Views,Overall Views
2,,Dami Im,1160,408492
3,,Joe and Jake,916,271023
4,::ie,Nicky Byrne,867,305208

5,::ru,Sergey Lazarev,598,210324





10,::pl,Michael Szpak,289,101583


12,::nl,Douwe Bob,268,94250

13,::bg,Poli Genova,262,92389

14,::am,Iveta Mukuchyan,262,92194

15,::be,Laura Tesoro,261,87751

16,::mt,Ira Losco,255,89817

17,::il,Hovi Star,250,72605


19,::lt,Donny Montell,244,85967

20,::it,Francesca Michielin,244,85888

21,::rs,Sanja Vucic,227,65514


23,::cz,Gabriela Guncikova,194,68156


25,::hr,Nina Kraljic,162,48360

26,::cy,Minus One,154,54043

27,::ee,Juri Pootsmann,150,43431





32,::dk,Lighthouse X,122,37677


34,::en,Nika Kocharova & YGL,118,41494



37,::is,Greta Salome,105,36824


39,::md,Lidia Isac,86,25279



42,::al,Eneda Tarifa,82,28706


44,::ba,Ana Rucner,61,21417


We had to list the Bosnian act separately as they didn’t have a combined article since this was a project of theirs rather than an actual band.

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