Montenegro will once again take part in the Eurovision Song contest and the process of picking a representative is underway.

This will be the third time that RTCG will organize a national final since their debut in 2007. As you know five acts will perform and one of them is Ivana Popović Martinović, who will sing “Poljupci” (Kisses).

Ivana was so kind to answer few of our questions.

Tell our readers who is Ivana in just two short sentences.

– Ivana is an infinitely positive person who always and always, thinks there is a solution and a way for everything.
Eternally creative and an atificer of new ways for a cheerful life through the art, music and above all love.

How did you feel when you were told that you will participate at Montevizija?

– I was so excited! I’ve sent two songs and I was so eager to promote them, but this competition has prolonged it up. Then there was relief. Now I have an even more serious task, a new challenge for me, but at the same time it’s joy.

What is a typical day like for you?

– It’s very dynamic and it’s like that every day. I have two very energetic children aged 6 and 8. They are both in elementary school, but they also go to music school and have sport activities so I barely have time to sit down and even less to lay down and rest… My gigs give me harmony after all of the family responsibilities, but vice versa, the family is always there for me after a busy weekend.

Could you tell us something interesting about yourself? Something that not a lot of people know? 

– I am not someone who likes to talk about their personal life, so whatever I say it would it something something not widely known. But I can tell you something from back when I was a teenager. Whenever I was sad, disappointed, or just wanting to isolate myself, I loved to do it by hiding in the night under a small passage under the railways, and wait for the train to pass. It seemed to me that my whole body was shaking and that it made everything easier for me. Now, when I reflect, it looks funny, just imagining myself like that in the dark, under the track. But everyone knows how that period runs turbulent and often silly.

Can we talk about your song?

– My song Poljupci is all those things what true love really is. Inspiration, happiness and joy, dedication and unity without fears, ups and downs, but ultimately tenderness and tolerance.

Your first Eurovision memory?

– That’s definitely Danijel with his song Džuli. Not only because we are distant cousins, we sincerely loved and followed all Eurovision from that period, and me and my family all loved Danijel. I remember that my dad made tables and we all wrote the points down in the order they were read out. For us, it was like a game, we bet who would win, persuading each other.

Your favorite Eurovision song?

– Out of the older ones, beside Džuli, I loved Azucar Moreno with Bandido. I still remember the unbelievable energy in voice of Boaz Mauda and his song Ke’ilo Kan. From the recent years – Euphoria and the incredible Savador Sobral with the song Amar Pelos Dois, who, with the beauty of his simple and honest performance and perfect voice, filled me with hope that this year’s Eurovision will be in such a spirit.

And in the end, do you have some kind of a message to Eurovision fans all around the world?

– My message is the same for both, them and my fans here. I want them to always believe in sincere emotions, to have tolerance in their hearts, and sympathy in the eyes. With all that they should watch and listen the music.
I hope that I will the one going to Lisbon as a representative of Montenegro, and with my song and voice, I will deliever this message to the millions of people who will be watching Eurovision.

Montevizija is scheduled for February 17th. Will #YOU be tuning in?

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