It’s been a tough year or so for all of the artists and delegations involved with Eurovision, but few could argue with it being toughest on Australia’s team. Today, the emotions of the Australian team not being able to travel to Rotterdam showed as Montaigne struggled to contain her emotion in today’s press conference.

The “Technicolour” singer was a late addition to today’s press conference scheduling, appearing at the beginning of the day, and despite showing her emotions at not being there with the first line of questioning from host Koos van Plateringen, Montaigne composed herself to discuss her Eurovision live on-tape performance and her inspirations behind her entry.

“I feel like I’m about to have a little cry. I think before I was like, “I’m okay with not being there” but now I feel quite sad about not being there” she shared; “I feel like I’ve missed out on something really cool.”

Asked about her performance, the singer admitted “honestly I think I would change quite a lot if I could get to Rotterdam. I hope the production would have been a little bit funnier with more time and a bigger stage. I wanted it to feel like a feminine comic book vision.”

Following the press conference, the singer then took to TikTok to share her emotions in a heartbreaking post; “I know I’ve been saying this whole time “I don’t care about going to Eurovision, it’s fine, I’ve accepted it” – Wrong.”

“It just hit me while I was doing it [the press conference], I want to be there so badly. I’m still so grateful to be a part of it at all but I just really want to go to Eurovision”.

As another staying at home this year, I know the feeling Montaigne, but we hope you can still enjoy as much of the experience as possible. Hopefully #YOU can come and join the party next year!

How do #YOU feel about Australia’s situation in Eurovision 2021? Share your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or join the discussion below and on social media!

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