Deadline has come, and this time it is in Moldova. The Eastern European country, next to this years Eurovision host country, has ended the submission period for songs, and TRM has counted a total of 40 songs submitted to the national broadcaster of Moldova.

On the official website of TRM(TeleRadio-Moldova), these following names was included:

  1. Che-MD – „Făurit în Moldova”
  2. Serj Coston and Sergey Beloff – „I’ve been searching”
  3. Formaţia Ion Krasnopolski – „Invitaţie la nunta moldovenească”
  4. Boris Covali – „Călător”
  5. Valentina Nejel şi Sergiu Pungă – „Ne-a fost iubirea un joc
  6. Tudor Bumbac – „Într-o zi de iarnă”
  7. SunStroke Project – „Hey Mamma”
  8. Sasha Letty – „I belive”
  9. THE ONE – „Dance”
  10. Roşu Olea – „Mama”
  11. Max Fall – „If I Could”
  12. Russu Emilia – „If only you”
  13. Denny Feyton – „Met by chance”
  14. Cerkoo & Rodica Olişevschi – „It’s not fair”
  15. Sasha Bognibov – „Stop the Liars”
  16. Sandy C – „A Beautiful World”
  17. Second Chance – „Two Cats”
  18. Vozniuc feat. Vio Grecu – „Don’t lie”
  19. Dana Rogovski – „Gave You Everything”
  20. RadioLIFE – „Forget all”
  21. Seth Cohen – „Пусть это будет секретом”
  22. Diana Brescan – „Breath”
  23. Shakya – „Beautiful Life”
  24. Red Lips – „Kill for me”
  25. Marks & Stefanet – „Join us in the rain”
  26. Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu – „Discover Moldova”
  27. Big Flash Sound – „Logic”
  28. Valeria Paşa – „Freedom”
  29. Ştefan Ursaki – „Lacrimi de chitară”
  30. Doga Liuba – „On thought away”
  31. Doga Liuba – „Safe”
  32. Dăo – „Dream”
  33. Nadia Moşneaga – „Never give up on us”
  34. Chirtoacă Aurel – „Dor de mamă”
  35. Cobîlea Constantin – „Mama”
  36. Barbas Diana – „The moment”
  37. Samir Loghin – „Glow”
  38. Maxim Zavidia – „Not Over You”
  39. TOZI – „Uzac, uzac”
  40. Irina Kit – „Baby, don`t cry”

Despite the small list of names, we do find many familiar Moldovan singes, who previously have tried their luck in Moldova.

The most noticeable name to the Eurovision family, would be SunStroke Project who represented Moldova back in 2010, when the contest was held in Oslo. Back then they represented the country along with Olia Tira and the song “Run Away”, despite a disappointing 22nd place finish in the final, the song did become a phenomenon on the internet, with Sergey Steponov being dubbed “The Epic Sax Guy”. SunStroke Project did also try their luck back in 2015, with the song “Day After Day“, which finished 3rd place in the Moldovan national final.

Other returning names to the national final, includes Valentina Nejel, who last took part last year, with the song “Va Fi Târziu“. Sasha Bognibov, who has tried multiple times, but has never made it to the National Final, only to the live auditions. Boris Covali who has also tried his luck before, last participated in 2014, despite being the favorite to win back then with the song “Perfect Day“, saw himself defeated by finishing on 2nd place after Cristina Scarlet.

Tudor Bumbac participated last in 2015 with “Trandafirii Albi“. Roşu Olea participated as well in 2015 with “Vraja frumuseţii“. Russu Emilia who last took part in 2016 with “I Am Not The Same” & also Diana Brescan who has also participated the last few years, lately in 2016 with “Till The End“.

With the low amount of participants, it is highly doubtful if this years “O Melodie Pentru Europa”, will contain a semi-final or not. It was announced that a semi-final would be held on the 24th of February, a day before the main final on the 25th of February.

The live auditions will take place on the 21st of January, with all the participants taking part, it is still unknown how many will make the cut. Most likely, if TRM decides to go with a semi-final and final, then most of the song should be included for the live shows.

UPDATED: The remaining songs were added, and TRM has officially stated that there is a total of 40 songs.

Live auditions will still be held, where 14 participants will advance to the semi-final, and finally the final will feature 8 participants. 4 Semi-finalists will advance be picked by the jury, while the remaining 4 will be picked by televote.

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