After last year’s success with Sunstroke Project and their song “Hey Mamma!”, the pressure is on in Moldova, or is it really? A little hard to tell, because only 28 songs were originally submitted for the national song selection.


Moldova achieved their best ever placing in the Eurovision Song Contest last year, in Kiev, when Sunstroke Project managed to bring the country on the podium, finishing in an impressive 3rd place.

The question afterwards was, did this spark any interest in Moldova? This is indeed hard to tell, as Moldova hit a record low number of submissions this year. It is possible, however, that the pressure is so high that many felt they couldn’t live up to a 3rd place at the song contest.

The Auditions

Nonetheless, this didn’t stop Moldova, and the national broadcaster TRM, from doing what they’ve always done. Everyone who submitted an entry was invited to take part in the live auditions.

Originally, 28 songs were submitted, but one entry was then disqualified. Pelageya Stefoglo was originally going to take part in the auditions with the song “Let’s Start Together Right Now“, but was disqualified due to taking part in the Belarusian auditions earlier this month. This meaning that only 27 songs were eligible to take part.

Without further ado, the show had to go on, and so we had the participants performing in the following order:

  1. Sasha Bognibov – Love
  2. Anna Timofei – Endlessly
  3. Che-MD – Inima-n Stîngă
  4. Maria Codreanu – Zâmbește Soarelui
  5. Ruslan Tsar – Come To Life
  6. Doinița Gherman – Dance in Flames
  7. Sandy C & Aaron Sibley – Once Upon A Time
  8. Tolik – Broken Glass
  9. Dima Gaitur – Ona Moya
  10. Vera Țurcanu – Black Heart
  11. 5 Stele – Moldavian Dance
  12. Tudor Bumbac – Numai Pentru Tine
  13. DoReDos – My Lucky Day
  14. Bostan – Frățică
  15. Felicia Dunaf – Alien
  16. Nicoleta Sava – Esencia Del Sur
  17. Lavinia Rusu – Altundeva
  18. Marina Cudalb – Bianco E Nero
  19. Denny Feyton – Maybe It’s Love
  20. Laura Bagrii – Da Bucuriei
  21. Anna Odobescu – Agony
  22. Ilia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro – Minds & Veins
  23. Bella Luna – Moments
  24. Shvets – The World
  25. Saidy – Beauty Song
  26. Constantin Cobîlean – Numai Tu
  27. Viorela – The Gates of Love

A jury was in charge of the selecting originally planned 14 acts that would qualify to the national selection, which is O Melodie Pentru Europa itself. Among the jury members, we had Nelly Ciobanu who represented Moldova in 2009 with the song “Hora Din Moldova“.

The Finalists

The jury would rank all the songs in pure Eurovision style, with 12, 10 and 8-1 points to their favorites. Then the 14 best ranked songs would qualify to the semi-final that was planed to take place on the 22nd of February.

However, at the request of the jury committee, it was instead decided that a total of 16 acts would qualify to the live shows, but at the same time, the semi-final would be dropped.

Therefore, the following 16 songs will take part in the grand final, which will take place on the 24th of February: (Alphabetical order by name)

  • Anna Odobescu – Agony
  • Anna Timofei – Endlessly
  • Bella Luna – Moments
  • Che-MD – Inima-n Stîngă
  • Constantin Cobîlean – Numai Tu
  • Doinița Gherman – Dance in Flames
  • DoReDos – My Lucky Day
  • Felicia Dunaf – Alien
  • Ilia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro – Minds & Veins
  • Lavinia Rusu – Altundeva
  • Nicoleta Sava – Esencia Del Sur
  • Ruslan Tsar – Come To Life
  • Sandy C & Aaron Sibley – Once Upon A Time
  • Tolik – Broken Glass
  • Vera Țurcanu – Black Heart
  • Viorela – The Gates of Love

The winner of the final will be decided by 50% jury and 50% televote.

Should you have any interest or if you feel like giving yourself a challenge, there you can watch the full live audition show right here.

The last question for now is: Who do #YOU hope to see in Lisbon representing Moldova?

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