TRM have received 0 songs so far for O melodie pentru Europa 2016
TRM have received 0 songs so far for O melodie pentru Europa 2016

As previously announced, Moldova began accepting songs for their National Final for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. They opened the submissions on the 15th of October. It was revealed by Leonid Melnik the Moldovan organiser that after 1 month of submissions being open they have not received a single entry.

Melnik in an interview with stated:

“No one has yet enrolled. It was more people to inquire, but no one has officially submitted a file. December 7 is the deadline for entries and we expect that most will enter the last two days “

As I previously wrote back on the 15th of October, I was worried that Moldova would not reach the 50 song limit needed for their ‘audition stage’, and would this cause TRM to rethink their strategy and accept songs from international singers as in 2015? Or could Leonid’s prediction be correct and they will receive many songs in the final 2 days? The submissions have been open for 4 weeks and with 3 weeks remaining only time will tell whether Moldova will have enough songs or they will have to create a new plan for Eurovision 2016.

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