Next week Spain will select it’s representative for Kyiv.
One of the most familiar faces in Objetivo Eurovision is of course Mirela, who will sing Contigo.

We managed to have a quick chat with her and here is what she said to us.

After eight years you are back in Spanish national final. How does it feel? 🙂

– It feels great! I’m really looking forward to next Saturday and see where that will take me.

You have a well experienced team behind your song. How was it to work with Tony, Isaac and Ovi?

– Amazing! It’s always great to work with Tony because even though he’s a perfectionist, he makes things really easy for the artist and I feel really comfortable working with him.
Personally, I don’t know Ovi, because he produced his part in Romania and Isaac is a really great guy and producer.
I’m really lucky to have a team that’s so pro behind me.

Have you been watching Eurovision in the last years? Did any song caught your attention?

– I try to watch it every year and if I’m not performing on The Lion King (The musical) I always watch it.
Many songs have caught my attention. There are always a number of songs that you end up looking for on iTunes. Like for example Australia’s last year, Bulgaria was also amazing…

Since the semifinals were introduced, only Ramon, Pastora and Ruth managed to bring back home a top 10 result. Why do you think Spain isn’t doing so well at Eurovision?

– I really can’t answer that question because we’ve had a really great deal of amazing artists representing us, they gave their all on stage and we are very proud of all of them regardless of the final result.

Let’s imagine that Spain wins the Eurovision? What would it be like for the country? How would you feel?

– That would be a party, I can tell you!!!
Hay una fiesta y mi cabeza va Baila la la la, baila la la la
PARTY PARTY!!! Hahaha 🙂

Who do you consider your biggest competitor at Objetivo Eurovision?

– We’re so different that we’re not competitors really.

And would you be so kind and tell us something interesting about yourself? Something that not everyone knows? 🙂

– I’m not that misterious as a person but I can tell you that I love to listen to a type of music people don’t expect I would, and that is Latin music. Hahaha 🙂

Mirela, thank you so much! Do you have some kind of a message for our readers?

– Thank you so much for your support!!! XOXOXO


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