#JoinUs for the Live Report of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016
#JoinUs for the Live Report of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here we are again for another Live Report, where all journalistic qualities go out the window and we report on pure personal opinion. That’s where you come in, you can voice your opinions on our forum, Twitter, or Facebook and some of the best comments will be selected for this article.

There will be 14 songs in tonight’s final, all of which qualified from last night’s semi-final. Who should win? Who should fly the Maltese flag in Stockholm? Have your say here!

Show is about to begin…





And here we go.. Live From Valletta..

Opening Tonight’s Final is The one and only Destiny Chukunyere who won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 for Malta with her song “Not My Soul”


Song 1. Deborah C “All Around The World”

Deborah looks different, due to the hair colour change. There is a Kurt Calleja “This is the night” vibe from this performance with the DJ etc.  The song is good, memorable and catchy, but the whole performance lacks something. With the mention of Monaco and Mexico she could get some votes from them in ESC.. oh wait. Its a really good song, with a few changes this could be amazing. Probably her best MESC song to date.


Sadie: I liked the song but not the way it was sung

Dante: I think we’re all ready for the next one… By the way, I like the presentations.


Song 2. Franklin “Little Love”

This guy is amazing, he has a great voice and always has nice songs, when he makes it to Eurovision he will be loved, he will make it one day it is just a matter of time. I’m not sure 2016 will be his year though. the Juries will always love him. I think he is great for ESC, he just needs a song with something extra to get the televoters on board too.


Dante: I like how his eyebrows react to each and every word.

@NowEurovision: Next Please


Song 3. Daniel Testa “Under The Sun”

He had a GREAT MESC debut, but last year didn’t have a great entry, this year he is back on form and has brought it, I think this is a good song for Eurovision and possibly better performed by a boyband. He ended 4th in JESC a long time ago, he has came a long way from “Junior Swing” This could do rather well in Stockholm I think with the right revamp. Could be a contender for a high placing tonight.


DanielLuis: Hopefully none of the 3 so far win, but I guess out of these the better one is Daniel Testa


 Song 4. Brooke “Golden”
Brooke is a talented girl! This song is really good! The staging is also really good! I am so happy she gave MESC 2016 a go! This is amazing! I was upset when I ehard she wasnt doing a fast / dance song but this is better than what I was hoping for! she is amazing and will without a doubt be up there near the top tonight. Brooke smashed it, literally, those LEDs wont be messing with Miss Borg again anytime soon. Vocally cannot be faulted.. performance wise too. 10/10
Dante: Another Mans wannabe.
Revallsay: I don’t like this Brooke’s song.
AshleyWright: Brooke.
Song 5. Raquel “Flashing Lights”
The studio version bored me a but but I really like the live performance, although I struggle to understand what language she is singing in. I really like this live, I think she will do better than I initially expected. Unusual staging but I can forgive her. She looks like a young Thea Garrett (I know Thea was supposed to be 17 but.. hmm..)

AshleyWright: What the hell has Raquel done to her hair? Has she fell out with her hairdresser?

Revallsay: Raquel slays!!! The bets so far

Song 6. Christabelle “Kingdom”
WOW! this girl needs to win! she is amazing! Total Eurovision epicness! love this! the audience LOVE her! She gets the largest applause of the night, the same as last night, the audience go wild! This song would without a doubt be VERY high up in Stockholm! I just hope the jury vote for the song! Performance is great it has everything and is the most memorable song in MESC 2016! #Kingdom4Malta
ESCGeek: last year, Jessika was my favorite and Christabelle 2nd,this year it’s the other way around

Dante: This is so annoying, please don’t tell me that it actually stands a chance.

 AshleyWright: WOAH. That audience reaction

Song 7. Corazon “Falling Glass
Corazon is a star! she is loved by many and I called her the winner before the names were announced, the same as I did with Amber last year, I’m not too sure my initial prediction will come true this year, but if it did she would deserve it, she is amazing, the song is different to her previous attempts. this could do very well in Stockholm. Those notes are siiick! She needs to lose the nightdress if she goes to Sweden. My sister has the same shoes that Corazon has on.

AuroraBorealis: This is catchy

QwaarJet: OK, I really like Falling Glass. This is excellent.

Dante: Am I the only one who thought that this moment was a bit awkward to watch?

 Song 8. Dominic “Fire Burn”
This is a decent pop song, it would do well in a number of countries’ charts. I think this is a LOT better than last night’s performance. Reminds me of an older Kurt Calleja. I think he could fall into the Kurt Calleja / Donny Montell / Pasha Parfeny category, where they are showmen and really smash it on stage and get a lot of votes for stage presence.
AuroraBorealis: Vocals = shaky Song = decent

QwaarJet: Dominic is totally forgettable.

Song 9. Jessika “The Flame”
Its a good song but could get totally forgotten in ESC, this is not her strongest song and I dont see it being a contender for the top tonight, like “Hypnotica” but I think its a strong performance, Jessika is seriously loved in the ESC community, but will the juries agree?
AshleyWright: Jessika this year…

Dante: I like her hair…only her hair.

Revallsay: JESSIKA

Song 10. Jasmine “Alive”
This song reminds me of Elena Paparizou’s MF entry “Survivor” I love this song. I thought this would be a fan favourite when I first heard it. It’s not gathered as much support as I imagined. she is great! The staging needs a bit of umph though, it lacks something. This is the second most played MESC song this year on my iTunes. This could do very well in Stockholm. I think it is one that would either narrowly miss out on the final or do VERY well in the final. She seems to have stolen the outfit from one of the Times Tree girls from 1999 in Jerusalem though…

QwaarJet: Another song that started well and has failed to take off.

 Dante: Too bad she ruined the last part. Yet, she’s my favorite for now.


Song 11. Lawrence Gray “You’re Beautiful”

This is a really nice song vbut it would be forgotten in Stockholm. he is a good singer minus the painful first note. Its not going to bring the trophy to Marsa next year, I am sorry, because he is a nice guy and has a good voice but this style of song wont cut it in ESC.


Musicosity: I wish they would give him a better song for once. As a singer he is not bad.

Dante: Well a least he was one of the few who was able to actually sing properly a song live.


Song 12. Maxine “Young Love”

Well Destiny won JESC with a similar song and background.. will the Maltese people assume it will work in ESC? This is a nice happy song and could so well in ESC, like Caroban for Serbia… possibly.. this is a hit or miss song. it could go either way. She is a nice young girl, but will she get a lot of 12s in Sweden?

DaFlo: Maxine ESC needs some Pace

QwaarJet: Maxine has won of the worst tonight, and that’s saying something.

 Uvaro: i liked the studio version but she’s not great live.

Song 13: Ira Losco “Chameleon (Invincible)
Could it be unlucky 13 for Ira? or could she represent Malta 14 years after she was robbed in Tallinn? Most people agree with me when I say she should have won in 2002, but should she win in MESC 2016. I think she is obviously going to win because of who she is, I am not saying she doesn’t deserve to; because she is amazing and so is the song. but will she win on her name alone? I think with a better staging this would be top 3 in Stockholm. Ira is vocally amazing and the song is very very good. This could bring the trophy to Malta in May!

QwaarJet: OK so Ira wins the televote easily. Come on juries, stop the madness.

AshleyWright: Here’s the winner.

Uvaro: still don’t understand the hype around this one.

Song 14. Kim “Lighthouse”
I said as soon as I heard this that it would end top 3. This is an amazing simple song! Could pull a Lisa Andreas in ESC and do really well, same as Tom Dice. I love this song, I just don’t know how the juries will place it tonight, she wont be in the bottom half but I am not sure if they will put her top. Its a great song! just dont understand the dress, I imagined her to wear something more casual. cannot fault her apart from that. Love it!

Musicosity: I’m sorry Kim, but you would struggle to even get out of the semis.

On our Twitter account we have been running a poll to find who you prefer out of all the songs tonight.
Hot = 3pts
Good = 2pts
OK = 1pt
Bad = 0pts
Here is the ranking with results averaged out:
Malta Twitter
Destiny Chukunyere takes to the stage again, this time performing covers. This girl has no faults at all! her vocal ability is one of the best I have ever heard!
Last year’s MESC winner, Amber, is taking to the stage, looking not unlike Pamela Bezzina.
The final update from our twitter poll:
final twitter
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