Can Christina Magrin give Malta their 3rd win?
Can Christina Magrin give Malta their 3rd win?

As Eurovision fans will know, Malta will once again host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held later this year, and which will take place in the Mediterranean Conference Centre, which hosted the MESC 2016 earlier this year, where Ira Losco was selected to represent Malta at this years Eurovision Song Contest.

20 acts participated in the competition, with the Winner having the honour of representing the small isle, on home soil, which will take place on the 20th of November 2016. Following 20 acts were in the line-up, all of them singing cover songs, which means that the song that will represent Malta will come at a later point.

  1. Miguel Bonello – “Fifth Element, Diva Dance”
  2. Kira Copperstone – “Listen”
  3. Dylan Curmi – “See You Again”
  4. Francesca Dimech – “Dear Future Husband”
  5. Layla Fitouri – “And I Am Telling You”
  6. Fusion – “In Love With A Monster”
  7. Francesca Grima – Titanium
  8. Krista Hili – “Glitter And Gold”
  9. Rachel Lowell – “I Surrender”
  10. Kaylie Magri – “When We Were Young”
  11. Christina Magrin – “No More Tears”
  12. Eila Mangion – “Listen”
  13. Cledia Micallef – “Bring Him Home”
  14. Alexia Micallef – “The Silence”
  15. Luana Mifsud – “Wrecking Ball”
  16. Veronica Rotin – “I Will Always Love You”
  17. Justine Shorfid – “I’d Rather Go Blind”
  18. Lisa-Marie Tabone – “At Last”
  19. Mariah-Nicola Vella – “All I Ask”
  20. Chanelle Zarb – “Hollow”

The Winner was decided through a split on 75% going to the juries, while the remaining 25% went to the Televoters, and combined the Winner was Christina Magrin with her cover of the song “No More Tears” originally performed by Donna Summer. The young winner went to Twitter fast, to mention her joy over her victory.

Here you can see her amazing performance of the song as well, which gave her this chance of representing Malta later this year.

Other than that, this young lady already has some experience from past talent shows. She has competed in the Sanremo Junior Malta 2014, as well as outside the isle, when she competed in “Next Star” in Romania. Here she reached the final where, she sang “Je T’aime” by Lara Fabian in the final. She has also performed a cover version of Rona Nishliu’s Eurovision song from 2012, the song “Suus”, on both shows, which gave Albania their best placing til this day, which finished 5th.

To the very hardcore fans, some may already know her, since Christina also participated in the Junior Eurovision on Malta last year, where she tried her luck, and was actually very close on winning. Last year she finished on 3rd place by singing “I Surrender”, which was won back then by Destiny Chukunyere, who eventually won the entire competition in Bulgaria, as we all know.

Once again, Christina Magrin will now get the chance to represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision, later this year, with a song that will now be specially penned for her, when the song will be revealed is still unknown however.

At this point, Christina can look forward to competition from at least 9 other countries at this point. Only a total of 10 countries has confirmed their participation at this point on Malta, which so far includes other countries such as Belarus, Ireland, Italy, Russia & Ukraine, which still all stil need to find their participant to represent them. Albania, The Netherlands and last year’s host country Bulgaria, have all picked their participants, but only Albania is ready with both the artist and song. Poland has however, confirmed their return to the contest, after not taking part in the competition since 2004, where Poland finished last in both 2003 & 2004 with only 3 points. On the other hand, Slovenia and San Marino has decided to withdraw, both stating due to the new voting rules, that will be used this year.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 20th of November this year, on Malta. It has been told by the EBU that about 18 countries will take part, meaning another 8 more countries are expected to confirm their participation, rumored countries include such as Serbia, Montenegro & Sweden, and maybe some surprising returns as well as Australia, who once again has been invited, but yet have to reply on the invitation.

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