In a new series of editorials I will be looking at some of the songs I feel unfairly missed out on making the Eurovision finals. 2015 is great year, but let’s remind ourselves of what could’ve been…

This editorial represents my personal opinions and does not represent those of ESC United as a whole, the EBU or other editors and forum members.

Today I make the case for Jessika's Maltese entry "Fandango"!
Today I make the case for Jessika’s Maltese entry “Fandango”!

When I posted on our forum following the Maltese final and declared shock and dissapointment at Malta overlooking Jessika’s entry “Fandango” I was met with derision from the quickly-amassed army of Amber fans who dismissed it as a cheap pop entry. Quite rich, in my opinion.

I don’t particularly have a taste for Malta’s actual entry this year, “Warrior” – which I find screechy and decidedly bland – and I feel that the island could have done better this year, with no disrespect. “Fandango” may not scream originality (it’s got a harp but that’s it) or have a particularly strong performance, I’ll admit, but as a song it would have slotted perfectly into this year’s Eurovision and provided us with a more danceable song than has been offered to us in the sleepy first semi-final. In fact – and I hate to admit so – Moldova’s entry is the only song in the semi that can be enjoyed as an upbeat danceable entry. Surely one more couldn’t hurt? Especially one with such a curious composition as “Fandango”.

I doubt anyone will agree with me – Amber is curiously popular with fans – but when I look back over the year it’s “Fandango” that stands out as one of the worst missed opportunities. Take a listen below and let me know if I’m right or whether you’re backing the Maltese “Warrior”.


What do you think of “Fandango”? Was Amber the right choice for Malta? Or should somebody else have taken the crown? Let us know your thoughts below or join the discussion on our forum!

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