In a new series of editorials I will be looking at some of the songs I feel unfairly missed out on making the Eurovision finals. 2015 is great year, but let’s remind ourselves of what could’ve been…

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In a new series of editorials I take a look at the songs that will be missed in 2015. First up, "Srce cuva spomeni" for Macedonia!
In a new series of editorials I take a look at the songs that will be missed in 2015. First up, “Srce cuva spomeni” for Macedonia!

First up – because it seemed like a good place to start – is Aleksandra Mihova’s “Srce cuva spomeni” from Macedonia’s Skopje Fest all the way back in November. In my opinion quite a dreary national final, the eventual winner in Daniel Kajmakoski is a good winner and a decent entry for Macedonia. Despite this, one song in the lineup stood out to me as what should be the country’s 2015 entry.

“Srce cuva spomeni” is hard to categorise, sounding latin in flavour and echoing the sentiments of lounge music. Perhaps a slightly lacklustre performance let the song down (it recieved no points) but in hindsight the song would’ve been a nice complement to the ballad majority that we have in 2015.

It will probably be a controversial choice from me straight away – I know that Tamara Todevska’s “Brod sto tone” was a major fan favourite and a real loss to many, but to me it just seemed like any other ballad that isn’t missed in this year’s lineup.

Best of luck to Daniel Kajmakoski, of course – but in my opinion some latin jazzy-lounge music in Macedonian would’ve been a hell of an entry for Vienna.

Do you agree? Should another song have won? Or was Autumn Leaves your favourite? Let me know your thoughts and criticisms below or join the discussion on our forum!

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