#JoinUs watching Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
#JoinUs watching Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Ladies and Gentlemen, join us tonight when we watch Denmark select their song for Stockholm! Leave comments on Facebook, Twitter and our world famous Forum! We can watch together, comment together, and enjoy the show!

The show will begin at 20:00 CET and you can WATCH LIVE HERE

The Running Order:

David Jay “Rays of sunlight”
Simone “Heart shaped hole”
Bracelet “Breakaway”
Sophia Nohr “Blue horizon”
Veronicas Illusion “The wrong kind”
Lighthouse X “Soldiers of love”
Kristel Lisberg – Who needs a heart
Jessica “Break it good”
Muri & Mario “To stjerner”
Anja Nissen “Never alone”

And we’re off! The show has begun and we are being reminded that Denmark won the last two times the contest was held in Sweden. Surely this wont be the first time we hear that tonight!

The first performance is from the hosts, who are performing what can only be described as a Melodifestivalen interval act

Some General comments from the intro:

hufus: Quality stage – Horsens 2017?

GWTW1939: The stage design and this opening act look like something straight out of a 70s tv variety show

GlamSIMorous: God, this is built like a real good thriller

Song 1. David Jay “Rays of sunlight”
I wasn’t a fan of this, but after watching this performance, I think I am now! I am getting a Guy Sebastian / Basim vibe from him. I like this! a LOT better than the studio version. This has gone WAY UP in my ranking after the live performance. The poor guy has lost his hat, his mother will not be happy! Great showing from David! Very happy with that!

hufus: Nice to see we’re shaking things up in the NF season – instead of a Mans clone we have a Guy clone.

 susanhm: David is def, not the winner. Last place. But now to the winner.

Song 2. Simone “Heart shaped hole”
This is the favourite, will she deliver on the night?
She is vocally great, timing may need touching upon but that may just be me being fussy. Kalomira will be furious, Simone has stolen her eurovision staging. This could be a good entry for Denmark. Could she be 3rd Danish ESC winner of this century? Solid performance which is what I was worried about. I think the staging is good but could be more powerful.
hufus: I loved the recorded version of HSH- LOVED. But… having the backing track with non-live vocals screwed this up badly. Still good, but no longer undeniably the best.
GlamSImorous:I liked Simones performance a lot, she is cute but still came across fierce on the stage. Not the biggest fan of that weird heart but I love this song. Good luck!

musicosity: Simone is someone to remember. Her performance reminded me of Sanna.

Song 3. Bracelet “Breakaway”
I’m torn.. I like the song but the whole staging looks a bit Yohio meets The Ark. good song, good vocals. Mummy Gronvall should be very happy. I like this a lot, I dont think its a Eurovision winner, but Its very good. It wouldn’t flop in Stockholm

GlamSImorous: Uhhhh … lyric mistake by Bracelet

susanhm: Brakeaway was better than expected

Song 4. Sophia Nohr “Blue horizon”
This is great! I love the studio version and love the live one too! I think it has the same quirky elements of “Should’ve known better” and “Only Teardrops” so could follow either. The staging is amazing! The perfromance is amazing! I love this!!! Vocally cannot be faulted at all! Denmark, you are making this so difficult for me to pick a winner!

VikingTiger: I really like Blue Horizon. I love her voice… and her laid back singing!

musicosity: Sophia isn’t so bad, but somehow I feel the performance is too restrained. I does not ignite.

 susanhm: Blue Horizon hmmm…. Could be better, The vers and chorus doesn´t fit together IMO

cassio:This Blue Thing was as good as expected

Song 5. Veronicas Illusion “The wrong kind”
I can’t decide whetehr she is 16 or 36. This is very Isa / Ace Wilder, it could do well, but it could also flop. I am not too sure. I like the song, but for Eurovision… Who Knows?!?! Did their mothers never teach them how to dress to impress? The backing singers have a lot of energy and bring a lot to the performance. I like this but I dont think it will do that well in Stockholm.

cassio: yes what a bad illusion

 Hilda in the Greenroom… Hilarious
susamhm: Wannabe spice girls. Not for me. Cartoon network
Song 6. Lighthouse X “Soldiers of love”
People who know me know that my favourite DMGP song has changed pretty much every day, but this has been my favorite a lot! I hope they pull it off tonight. I was calling them ‘Lighthouse ex’ until I was corrected last night and was told its pronounced ‘Lighthouse Ten’. I like these boys, they’re fun.
I HAVE A WINNER! Great vocals, great staging, great song.. it’s only a matter of time a modern ‘boyband’ wins ESC and I think this could be it! They’re like The Herreys Great Grandchildren! Denmark do not do what you did last year and picked the WRONG SONG! #JusticeForAnne
This gets my (imaginary) vote!!
susanhm: Welcome to Westlife 2.0
musicosity: (in reply to above) At least it’s a well-crafted copy. I somehow like it. It lacks a certain special though.

GlamSIMorous: Nice … nice … nice … but it’s missing that “oomph”. Nice is simply not if you wanna impress millions of people. But a radiofriendly for sure!

Song 7. Kristel Lisberg – Who needs a heart
I like this song a lot, but the performance is lacking something. They have a modern verasion of the Eurovision 1999 stage and now they have a modern version of the Irish entry from 1999 (vocally I mean – somehow I think she sounds like the Mullans). Vocally she needs to be stronger for this song. Plus she is performing after my boys so… Nice but no winner

hufus: I think Kristel might just be the best singer in the contest. But this isn’t the best song. Not quite a snoozefest but not special either.

GlamSIMorous: I love Kristels song and vocally she is on point, but her movements … they take away all the elegance, grace and fierceness

cassio: just voted for nr 7

VikingTiger: Who needs this song? Definitely not me…

Song 8. Jessica “Break it good”
Who was in charge of the dressing room? Stevie Wonder? these outfits are awful! Its a good song to listen and chill to but I don’t think its remotely right for a song contest. The dancers are dancing like a dad at a party. I quite like the song, but I dont think its for Eurovision, I think it would stay in the semi. Good vocals though, similar to the studio version. With a different song this girl could go far! I like her a lot!
GlamSIMorous: Jessicas song has potential for the international market, but I dont see it on the Eurovision stage .. its just a nice song that invites for a nice cocktail in the summer, but I never would think of voting for it, because its good, but good is the sister of bad.
Song 9. Muri & Mario “To stjerner”
AMAZING, I was hoping they could pull it off live! and they did! This could be a good choice for Denmark! Vocals were good and a good staging! I want this in the superfinal.

GlamSIMorous: That song is really boring Especially performance wise. Worse is the fact that he pretends he sings that electric voice.

 susanhm: M&M is boring and the “nej nej nej nej” is annoying!

Song 10. Anja Nissen “Never alone”
This is a great song but from what Emmelie said about the staging i was expecting something good. It is good but I was expecting something amazing. This would do quite well in ESC, I think it could be a good pick! I take back what I said about the performance, it gets REALLY good at the end! I like it!

sisanhm: I think Anja´s vocals are a little weak in the beginning. Otherwise a good performance.

hufus: I’ve never connected with “Never Alone”, and I’ve never really had any time for Anja… but she owned the performance and the song has a lot more life on stage. Good job.
We have a recap of the songs
Simone “Heart shaped hole”
Lighthouse X “Soldiers of love”
Anja Nissen “Never alone”
Lighthouse X “Soldiers of love”
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