Let's Watch Together!
Let’s Watch Together!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight Belgium will select their entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest! You are invited to join us and have your say throughout the show. I will be keeping check of our Twitter, Facebook, and Forum and I will be using some of the best comments right here in the live report!

Get your drinks, popcorn, pizzas or whatever you do to watch the national finals. The show begins at 20:25 CET.



The show opens with Hadise performing in what can only be described as a dress stolen from Portugal’s Suzy (Eurovision 2014)

Song 1. Adil “In Our Nature”

Visually this is amazing! UV paint on the dancers with a lot of smoke on the floor. Adil Performs this very well, this could place high in Stockholm! The whole staging is effective but strange. Adil hits some decent notes. this is really good. Could end up a dark horse I think! Very strong start to the show


GlamSIMorous – Oh my god, that body paint is epic

Sammy – reminds me a bit of the helpers of a villain in Batman and Robin.  But it’s true, the body paint is great

Matt – Adil’s song falls flat in every way I’m afraid. I assume that there is something better and memorable in the running. The Staging was alright but not feeling it, just didn’t translate on camera probably.


Song 2. Laura “What’s the Pressure”

I’m getting an Andy Abraham vibe from this song. Vocally she is good. The staging is ok. I dont see this troubling the juries if it goes to Stockholm. It is a decent performance but I am more drawn to the backing singers than Laura.


Sean – Pretty sure this is Fleur East. Blatant plagiarism

 Lupus – Better than the first. She doesn’t seem to be making the most of the song for me. Sounds as if it could be better, but I liked what I saw.

 AshleyWright – This is like Ireland’s NF last year when they were blatantly trying to force an Erika Selin victory.

 Matt – Isn’t Laura the favorite to win? At least that I was told. With that song?!? Meh, I actually prefer Adil over that.

AlekS – predictable performance. The backing vocalists totally outstaged her Her vocals sound much better tonight, imo she’s the winner. If you choose her prepare for a huge floppage in May.

Song 3. Tom “I’m Not Lost”
Probably the best song of the night but is it right for Eurovision? He seems to be singing too fast for the track during the chorus. Great for radio but I think it will get forgotten in a song contest. his voice is great, timing is the issue I think, or is that just me thinking that? The staging isn’t right for a competition either, hopefully if he wins they do something different in Sweden.

Uvaro – tom has to win!

 Sean – Liking this song a lot more but needs some oomph and kick to not add to a potential blandfest in Stockholm
Dante – I’m a bit disappointed, he seems so tired. I also imagined the scene a bit different…
randomlinkz – if tom doesn’t win, I fear badly for Belgium, adil may qualify but only right hand side, tom could get left, the rest would not get out the s.f., if Laura qualifies, she will get last almost certainly

Matt – Meh. Everything is so middle of the road. Inoffensive but not really something that stands out. Saving the best for last Belgium?!?

Song 4. Astrid “Everybody Aches”
hmmm.. its one of those songs that I don’t really have any comments for.. If this went to Eurovision I would be hoping for it to be between commercial breaks so I could have an extra break to get another drink, it is rather plain, it doesn’t kick in at all.. I can see that staying in the semi if it went to Sweden
AlekS – Astrid –

Sean – That should’ve been far less boring than it was…

 Matt – I really thought I was going to like Astrid’s song. Promising beginning but then just totally deflated shortly after. Vocally not great and overall chance of winning the NF: Nada!
Dante – This falls under the “zombie” category. I’m sure I’d sing this after too many glasses of whiskey, but not when everyboy sings the life out of themselves, in the grand show.
Lupus – Is this song going anywhere?
Song 5. Amaryllis “Kick the Habit”
Crazy staging! some spider web behind her. some old room in the background. flying lights. I have no idea what is happening! I think the strange staging distracts from the song. The song is better than last week, she performs it with some personality this time. The song still isn’t great in my opinion, but I think this could do better than people think tonight.

Sammy – This is a strange staging…. spider web, flying lamps… what is the meaning?

Joyster – Don’t understanding that act at all?

AshleyWright – Omg this is such a hot hit. This has to win
Dante – I like what they did with the scene, loved the idea with the spiderweb and the way it started, it helps a lot with the atmosphere. As for the rest, it’s still too repetitve for me.
Sean – OMG SLÉ My first hype of 2016
The songs are over and the voting will now begin!
Sadly we wont have a 7 hour Ruslana concert like the last time Belgium had a national final – but we will get to see a bit more about who the acts are
Come back for the second part of the show at 22:15 CET
And we are back!
(Just an update on the 12 points. Full results will come later)
Sweden give 12 points to Tom
Azerbaijan give 12 points to Tom
Greece give 12 points to Tom
Latvia give 12 points to Laura
France give 12 points to Laura
Netherlands give 12 points to Laura
United Kingdom give 12 points to Tom
Montenegro give 12 points to Laura
Ireland give 12 points to Laura
Hungary give 12 points to Laura
 Televoting gives 120 points to Laura
Laura and Tom make it to the ‘super final’
Results are in: Laura goes to Stockholm
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