It’s the yearly Italian extravaganza, and the main inspiration for our beloved song contest. Once more has the annual Sanremo festival opened it’s doors for viewers to enjoy what can be called a musical mayhem. Music of all kinds of genres, coming together during the grand festival.

Sanremo 2021

The week long festival has finally come to an end, and at the end, we always have a winner. This weeks competition has given us, guest performances from former Sanremo winners, participates, Italian superstars, actors, entertainers and even Zlatan Ibrahimović.

However, it also gave Eurovision fans, a total of 26 different acts, that could be considered as contenders for the upcoming contest in Rotterdam. These were the 26 competing acts of the week(listed in order of performance during the final night):

  1. Amadeus, the Sanremo maestro

    Ghemon – “Momento Perfetto”

  2. Gaia – “Cuore Amaro”
  3. Irama – “La Genesi Del Tuo Colore”
  4. Gio Evan – “Arnica”
  5. Ermal Meta – “Un Millione di Cose da Dirti”
  6. Fulminacci – “Santa Marinella”
  7. Francesco Renga – “Quando Trovo Te”
  8. Extraliscio ft. Davide Toffolo – “Bianca Luce Nera”
  9. Colapesce & Dimartino – “Musica Leggerissima”
  10. Malika Ayane – “Tu Piaci Cosi”
  11. Francesca Michielin & Fedez – “Chiamami per Nome”
  12. Willie Peyote – “Mai Dire Mai (La Locura)”
  13. Orietta Berti – “Quando ti sei Innamorato”
  14. Arisa – “Potevi Fare di Più”
  15. Bugo – “E Invece si”
  16. Måneskin – “Zitti e Buoni”
  17. Madame – “Voce”
  18. La Rappresentante di Lista – “Amare”
  19. Annalisa – “Dieci”
  20. Coma_Cose – “Fiamme Negli Ocche”
  21. Lo Stato Sociale – “Combat Pop”
  22. Random – “Torno a Te”
  23. Max Gazzè & Trifluoperazina Monstery Band – “Il Farmacista”
  24. Noemi – “Glicine”
  25. Fasma – “Parlami”
  26. Aiello – “Ora”

Quite a fitting amount of participants, just as we know it from a classic Eurovision final. However, since we are talking about Sanremo in this case, this annual event can take a “unexperienced” Eurovision fan by surprise.

All 26 acts that competed in the final, we’re in fact all the participants of the entire event, so if you’re unfamiliar with Sanremo, then this is how it worked throughout the week.

The First Night featured 13 of the 26 acts, these acts were judged by a Demoscopic Jury which caries 25% of the outcome(Note: Not of the final outcome, we’ll get to that). The Second Night then featured the remaining 13 out of 26 acts, that didn’t sing the prior evening, these acts are also judged by the same Demoscopic Jury(Still 25%). All acts performed their entry for Sanremo in these two first nights.

On the Third Night, all 26 acts then performed a different song, which wasn’t their Sanremo entry. This could be done with a guest performer or not. This time, it was the Sanremo Orchestra that decided the next 25% of the outcome.

Then on the Fourth Night, all 26 acts performed their Sanremo entry once again. This time a Press Jury would then have their say, which was once again 25% of the outcome.

After all this, we then had 75% of the votes, and on the Fifth Night, the remaining 25% consisting of televoting would then finally be tallied up with the remaining 75% from the previous nights. All of These votes would then be combined to decide the ranking of all the competing songs.


Sounds complicated, and it indeed is. However, we’re not done! As just mentioned, all these votes from all 5 nights would be combined in order to determinate the final ranking of the competing songs… except the top 3!

After the results of the nights were announced, the top 3 entered the final round, where all votes from the past night was wiped off the board, and a new vote was done. In the final round, the Demoscopic Jury, the Press Jury and the Televote would each have a 1/3 say on the final outcome.

Prior to the Fifth Night, it was revealed that top 5 consisted of the following 5 acts, ranked in the following order:

  1. Ermal Meta – “Un Millione di Cose da Dirti”
  2. Willie Peyote – “Mai Dire Mai (La Locura)”
  3. Arisa – “Potevi Fare di Più”
  4. Annalisa – “Dieci”
  5. Måneskin – “Zitti e Buoni”

At this point, it would seem that 2018 Sanremo winner Ermal Meta was heading towards another win by finishing atop with both the Demoscopic Jury and the Sanremo Orchestra Jury. In the end, the following 3 acts managed to qualify to the final round:

  • Ermal Meta – “Un Millione di Cose da Dirti”
  • Francesca Michielin & Fedez – “Chiamami per Nome”
  • Måneskin – “Zitti e Buoni”

The original ranking of the top 3 songs were not revealed, but after the final round, it was finally revealed that the winner was: Måneskin

  1. Måneskin – “Zitti e Buoni” (Total votes: 40,7%)
  2. Francesca Michielin & Fedez – “Chiamami per Nome” (Total votes: 30,5%)
  3. Ermal Meta – “Un Millione di Cose da Dirti” (Total votes: 28,8%)

Unlike other national finals around Europe, the winner of Sanremo only get’s first refusal when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest. Should Måneskin accept to represent Italy in Rotterdam, then they will be set to perform in the grand final in Rotterdam on the 22nd of May as being a member of the BIG 5.

What do #YOU think of Måneskin’s song and more importantly, do #YOU hope they’ll represent Italy? Let us know on our social media sites or on our forum HERE.

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  1. […] The 3 acts progressed to the super-final, where all their votes from the past nights got wiped, and they all entered the second round of voting, where ultimately Måneskin were announced as the winners. For more details about the entire process you can check all of the details here. […]

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