The rehearsals have already started in Sofia, but Ivana and Magdalena from Macedonia have found some time to do an interview with us.

Hello girls, first I’ve would like to ask you how did you two meet? Who are Ivana and Magdalena?


Ivana: We met at an audition and since then we are best friends. I was born in Skopje in 2002, and I go to 8th grade at Dimitar Makedonski elementary school. My first musical steps were at children festival Potocinja when I was just 5 years old. After that I’ve joined a folklore artistic group Nikola Jonkov Vapcarov and I’ve been performing around country with them.

Magdalena: Hi, I’m Magdalena, I’m 13 years old and I was also born in Skopje. I am singing since I was 7, I’ve participated in several international festivals and I was also part of kids choir group Zlatno Slavejce.


How did you two feel when MRT called you and said that you will represent your country in Bulgaria?


Ivana: I was really happy and surprised! I didn’t know what’s going on at the moment. I’ve asked them is it true that I will represent my country at Junior Eurovision. My dream came true.

Magdalena: I was also so happy. I just can’t wait to perform on stage.


Tell us something about your song.


Magdalena: Our song is about friendship between me and Ivana. We are two strands of a braid and we wish for a world with more love, peace and happiness.

Ivana: I wrote the lyrics and I was thinking what should I write for a long time, I didn’t know what should I write about. But then I thought about me and Magdalena living in a happier, better world, world without hate, dicrimination, violence, where there is a lot of love and happiness.


What do you expect out of Junior Eurovision?


Ivana: We’re gonna give all of us to represent Macedonia the best possible way and where we end up at scoreboard is up to the people from Europe and Australia. We won’t be disappointed if we don’t finish on left side of the scoreboard, just being part of a huge event like this is a big success.

Magdalena: Like Ivana already said, we are prepared and we’re gonna show our best.


Did you hear some of the other songs competing? Which ones do you like?


Magdalena: Yes, I’ve heard them all. I like most of them, but the biggest impression on me left Lena from Serbia. I am her fan since she participated in Pinkove Zvezdice.

Ivana: I’ve heard most of them and I have to say that I like them a lot! They’re really nice and sometimes I sing them.


And what can you say about your performance?

We had a lot of singing and dancing rehearsals. It’s gonna be beautiful, we have three dancers from Aqua Dance Studio and that’s what we can tell you. Let’s leave something as a surprise for Saturday evening.


How would call kids and people to vote for you?

All the people around world are connected in one big braid, as well as love, peace and friendship. Race and religion do not matter, we are all people and we all should have equal rights, so if you like our song and it’s message, vote for it, for us. Thank you for your support in advance! We love you all!


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