We continue to bring you exclusive interviews with participants of Slovenian national selection, EMA.

Today we had a chat with Martina Šraj, but she is better known for her artistic name Ina Shai.

Ina, thank you for your time. You did participate at EMA six years ago, but can you please introduce yourself to our fans in just two sentences?

I’m a pop-soul singer-songwriter from Slovenia, but currently living and studying music in London where I’m working with a great team of young artists and musicians. We’re just a bunch of kids who love to make quality and authentic music and I hope people can feel that in our songs.

Why did you decide to apply for EMA again?

To be honest, I just felt the timing was right and that I was ready to perform at a festival such as EMA again. I’ve been very active at the Slovenian music scene between the ages 15 to 19 but then my music took a back seat when I decided to study a non music degree in Slovenia. It wasn’t for long because I soon moved to London and started writing, performing and recording new material again. I’ve just released my 4-track debut EP album ‘Overload’ and I feel I am ready to re-introduce myself to the Slovenian audience and show them what I’ve been working on and how much I grew as a person and an artist.


Can you tell us something about your song?

It’s an honest, powerful song, very raw and full of emotions. I wrote it by myself when I needed a bit of inspiration and it just kind of grew into something bigger. It was arranged and produced by Hans Kristjan Aljas, a great producer whom I’ve met at the university where I study and I really can’t wait to perform it!

A lot of popular and established artist will participate at EMA. Who do you consider as your biggest competitor?

Yes, this year will be crazy, full of great artist and I’m really excited to hear them all but I can’t really think of who is my biggest competitor until I hear the songs. I don’t see it so much as a competition but more as an amazing opportunity for my song to get heard and to sing amongst some inspiring local talent. Hopefully, people will like my song and connect with it – that would be amazing!

What is your favorite Eurovision song?


Can you please tell us something interesting about yourself? Something that people usually don’t know.

Well a fun fact people always are quite surprised by is that before moving to London I used to study law! Also, on a personal level I can be a little shy sometimes, although I’m an artist I don’t like to be the centre of attention unless I’m on stage.

Until Ina’s EMA entry is released, be sure to watch her latest video for the song Overload.


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