Yesterday the official list of participants was published and just like in 2008. and 2011, we have 43 countries running for the trophy. Among them are Serbia and Croatia, who last participated in 2013.

Today Serbian press reported that Jelena Karleuša will most likely be internally chosen to represent the country. She was also called last year by RTS but her song was to be composed by Vladimir Grajić Graja and she wanted to have her hands open to choose who will compose the song, who will be in charge of her performance and so on. Because of the the deal was not made.

Make you think that she will be picked internally is that Serbian national broadcaster, RTS, has not made a single statement regarding next year’s Eurovision. There is not much time to organize a national final with open call, so internal selection is a more obvious choice and she has also published a photo few days ago, working on new material in a studio.

For you who don’t know who is Jelena Karleuša, we will just say that she is one of the most popular pop singers in this part of Europe. She’s been active for 20 years. Her latest album DIVA was published in 2012. and 200.000 copies was sold on the day of it’s release. In 2013. she held a concert in Belgrade in front of 40.000 people. Her style is quite extravaganze and some call her the GaGa of the Balkans. Check out her performance from one the latest gigs. Seeing her style, you must admit that she is just made to perform at Eurovision.

Croatia is back after a two years brake. Every year press and fans praise to see Jelena Rozga at Eurovision.

Jelena Rozga was part of popular band Magazin with whom she participated at Dora many times and almost winning in 2005. Since she started her solo career in 2006, all of her song topped the charts.

Since Croatia last made it to the Grand Final in 2009, and it was only because jury picked them as the 10th country instead of Serbia, everyone expects them to go BIG. They can’t go bigger than with Jelena Rozga.  She was even called by HRT in 2012, but she declined the call.

Some Press, such as the Serbian Newspaper Blic, also are claiming that she will the Croatian representative in Stockholm and to support those theories is her latest single Otrov (Venom) that she has published today and it is 3 minutes long. Here is the song.

Tell us what do you think about these two ladies? Would like to see them representing Serbia and Croatia?

Have you heard any other of their songs? If you did, what are your favorites?


This article is solely based on information discovered online and is therefore considered speculation. It is labeled as Rumors/Gossip. Any official news will be posted in our News section.

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  1. […] you probably remember, we recently reported how Jelena Karleuša could represent Serbia in Stockholm. She tweeted the article, but two weeks […]

  2. Darla

    November 27, 2015 at 18:18

    I heard Rozga’s name being thrown out on TV yesterday. It’s not a fact yet but it is a name that is floating around. But I hope that it’s not true.

  3. Your Eurovision United Kingdom

    November 27, 2015 at 17:32

    WTF? No one in Croatia is talking anymore about Rozga as our contestant. For about a year only one possibility is considered as our contestant and that’s the winner of Croatian The Voice. Shame on you for spreading lies!

  4. Khm

    November 27, 2015 at 17:13

    So you are quoting a guy who has a dissociative identity disorder and is known for lying? I must say I’m quite disappointed in you.

    P.s. rumours in Croatia say that the winner of The Voice Nina Kraljić is going. Not Rozga, Nina Kraljić.

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