This weeks Eurovision weekend, will have a early start, since Germany is the next country on the list, to pick their artist and the song that follows with the artist to the Eurovision Song Contest, in Kyiv. This is also gonna be one of the more complicated national finals of the season, so in case you wish to be prepared for the show, then here’s a guide on how the winner will be selected.

Round 1

A total of 5 artists, have been picked to sing in the national final, and these are the following 5:

Here in the first round, all 5 artists get to sing a cover song of their own choice. This means, that none of the songs performed in this round, will be Eurovision candidates, but it’s just a way for the singers, to impress and show what kind of abilities they have, when it comes to singing. Viewers will afterwards vote, where the top 3 will advance to the second round. Meaning that 2 singers, won’t get a chance to perform their Eurovision songs.

Round 2

At this point, we have only 3 performers still running for the title, but at this stage, we will hear the possible Eurovision song.

First of all, there is only 2 possibilities for Germany’s Eurovision song this year, since the 2 are songs are already written and everything. The 3 remaining artist will just perform them in their own style. The titles are Perfect Life and Wildfire, meaning that one of these 2 titles, with be the German song this year.

Back to how the round will work. The 3 remaining artist, will now perform either Perfect Life or Wildfire, after their own choice in this round. However, there is a chance that the 3 remaining singers in the competition, will all sing the same song in this round, so it’s not guaranteed that we get to hear both songs in this round. Then again, the songs are in different styles, so despite hearing the same lyrics over 3 times, they can sound completely different.

Anyways, hopefully you still get the point, and at the end of this round, only 1 of the artist will be eliminated, meaning 2 will advance to the 3rd Round.

Round 3

This round, can be the REALLY complicated one, but hopefully it makes sense. In Round 3, the 2 remaining artist, will now sing their version, of the second candidate song. This will force the 2 ones that remain, to sing the other song, which they did not sing in Round 2. Remember, they can decide themselves, if they wish to sing either Perfect Life or Wildfire in Round 2, but then they are forced to sing the song they didn’t sing in Round 3.

At the end of this round, then our 2 remaining candidates should have performed their versions of both song, which leaves us with a total of 4 possible choices, as following:

  • Artist #1 – Perfect Life
  • Artist #1 – Wildfire
  • Artist #2 – Perfect Life
  • Artist #2 – Wildfire

This is where it can get complicated, cause after people have voted in this round, there is a chance, that we might have the song title selected or we might have the artist that is selected, and then we might have none of them.

Since those are our 4 possibilities at this point, the public of Germany will vote for a top 2 among these 4 choices. This means, that both artists can end up in the Final Round with the same song title in the last round. Another possibility where only 1 of the singers advance to the Final Round, but then has to perform both songs once again. Then the final possibility, which is that both artist advance to the Final Round, but with a different song each.

The Final Round

I really hope you still following along, cause like mentioned in the beginning, this is a complicated national final. Anyways, at this point, there should only be 2 possibilities left, with the possibilities mentioned just before, and here in the Final Round, everything will be decided, and then we should have our name and title of the song, that will travel to Kyiv, Ukraine. To defend the German colors in the Grand Final, since Germany is a BIG 5 member, the winner will compete directly in the Final.

The Jury

During the final, the audience of Germany, will have the full decision on who will represent Germany at the contest, however there will be a jury that will comment on each performance by each contestant, to guide the viewers on who to vote for. The jury consists of 3 members, being Tim Bendzko a singer-songwriter who won the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2011, then there is Florian Silbereisen, who is a German singer and a Television personality and finally there is Lena, who Eurovision fans would know as the 2010 Eurovision Winner, and the German representative in 2011, with the songs “Satelite” & “Taken By A Stranger”.

The Show

Finally, the show will start at 20:15 CET(Central European Time) & local time, and there are many reasons to watch the show as well, guest performances will include 3 former Eurovision winners, which include Nicole, the 1982 Winner, Ruslana, the 2004 Winner & Conchita Wurst, the 2014 Winner. The 3 winners will perform a Eurovision medley, as well as performances from Tim Bendzko & Matthias Schweighöfer.

Even the international viewers, can have a decision on who will be the winner, people from all around the world, can vote via the Eurovision app, for their favorite performances. This will only act as a poll, from the international audience, but has no effect on the final outcome, only on how people of Germany might vote.

The show can be seen on the Official German Eurovision Website and will also be covered on the Official Eurovision App.

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