News from Georgia today, as the national broadcaster (GPB) has today opened their registration form to take part in the upcoming season of “The Voice of Georgia“. The prize is even listed on the broadcaster’s website, being a trip to “Eurovision 2023”.

The Voice of Georgia

This means, that Georgia will once again return to a talent show, when it comes to at least selecting their future Eurovision artist. Whether artists will perform their possible entry in the final or not, is yet to be known. On the other hand, this will actually be the first time that Georgia uses “The Voice” as the way to select their entrant.

In the past few years, Georgia has gone will different methods of selecting their act, but we’d need to go back to 2017, to see when the last held a proper national selection. Since then, Georgia has either had partially or fully internally selected acts, with 2018 & 2022 being fully internally selected, and 2019 & (2020)2021 being partially selected.

If we take a look at 2019 & (2020)2021, Georgia was back then represented by Oto Nemsadze and Tornike Kipiani, both of whom were selected by winning a different talent show, which was “Georgian Idol“.

The Voice” has been used in the past as a selection method for other countries, most recently to mind would be Jérémie Makiese who represented Belgium earlier this year. “The Voice” first aired in Georgia with 3 seasons back in 2012-2016, the show was then revived for a fourth season in 2021, and will now air it’s fifth season. It’s currently unknown when the fifth season will start and end, but due to it’s tie in with the contest now, we can expect a winner sometime between November and at least before mid-March.

Artists interested in giving the show a shot will have from now on and until September 23rd, to submit their application, which can be done right here.

Georgia was most recently represented by the group Circus Mircus in Turin, with their song “Lock Me In“. Unfortunately, not only did the group not qualify for the final, but they also finished in the very last place in their respective semi-final with only a total of 22 points, despite not finishing last with either the juries or the public vote.

Are #YOU happy about this change for Georgia, or do #YOU think Georgia is doing something completely wrong, considering they haven’t been in the final since 2016. At this point, any suggestions are good for Georgia, so let’s hear what #YOU think on our forum right HERE or on our social media platforms.

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