The staff at ESC United is going to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen and hope that we can represent our readers in a worthy manner. As a result, we are asking you to help us find the best questions to ask the singers and their delegations. We have created a new section in the 2014 ESC section of our popular forum called “Questions & Presents for the artists and delegation“. These questions can be Eurovision related, general music questions regarding the artist, or even random questions (e.g., what three items would you take with you on a deserted Island).

Click HERE to post your questions for the artists. (Don’t forget to login/register first)

We will have final say about which questions get asked, but we’d appreciate it if everyone keeps their questions polite. Negative or overly critical questions (e.g. Why is your song so bad? Do you think your song is plagiarism?) will most likely not get chosen. So what questions do you think would be the best questions to ask artists? Please share your thoughts on our popular forum. Each country will have its own thread within which you can ask your questions. Be sure to include your name and your city and country of origin.

We are also introducing something brand new!!! The readers of ESC United will be able to choose a present that will be handed out to the artists by one of our journalists in Copenhagen, Denmark this upcoming May. Every gift will be unique and have a close connection the the representative of that country. Three suggestions will be posted for each country and you have two weeks to vote!

The three options are:

1. A mini plastic Cello: Tijana started playing the Cello at a young age leading to a number of competitions throughout the former Yugoslavia. The cello led her to success by performing in the Macedonian Philharmonic, as well as getting her degree at the Music Faculty of the St. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 1999.

2. A Joke Book: Tijana’s great sense of humour became one of her trademarks, which she embraced fully in the leading single of her fourth album Žuta minuta (Breaking point).

3. Sky Chocolate Bar: Her song is called “To the Sky” so we thought handing her some “Sky” Chocolate would be appropriate. Sky Bars have four sections, each with a different filling: caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge, all covered in milk chocolate.

Now it is up to you. You can vote in the poll below or visit the artists bio page HERE to cast your vote. The poll will stay open for two weeks and you can vote once per hour so make sure to come back and vote on a regular basis.


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For any questions regarding this project, please contact us directly!

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