Greece:  “It’s more than a song, it’s a movement”. ESC United speak to FreakyFortune about ‘rising up’ through economic difficulties, performing at London Eurovision Party, and get an exclusive preview of their semi-final performance.

ESC United caught up with this year’s Greek entry – FreakyFortune and RiskyKidd, before they performed at the London Eurovision Party.

Standing on a balcony looking over Leicester Square, the boys, who had just arrived in London a few hours before the interview, looked fresh and relaxed, proudly modeling their #Rise Up T-shirts and shades.

FreakyFortune consists of duo Theo Pouzbouris and Nicolas Raptakis alongside rapper – RiskyKidd.

Theo is short and hopes to ‘rise up for every short person in Europe’.

Nikolaus is in love with Jessie J and hopes to marry her. Whilst RiskyKidd, originally from London, got his name from always being the risk-taker in the group.

Their magic collaboration begun when Theo and Nikolaus decided to ask RiskyKidd to rap on the song in the studio. Since then the chemistry has been perfect.

Their quiet confidence about the song and positive energy was obvious from the start of the interview.

Risky and Theo: “We all love the song and the chemistry is perfect between us. It’s more than a song, but a movement.”

Though the song has an infectious party vibe the boys were quick to emphasise the song’s deeper message.

Nikolaus: “It is a positive party song but also about the difficult times we’re going through. We want to pass a message to young people about being positive and creative and get over all the difficulties.”

RiskyKidd: “It’s more than a song, but a movement to rise up mentally not just physically and party.”

The song is particularly relevant considering the economic difficulties that Greece has faced over the past five years.

Theo: “Many young people in Greece and Europe are often affected by financial crisis and political imbalances and that’s why ‘Rise Up’ was composed. It’s an urge to rise up above the difficulties. We think the [economic] crisis helps people think more about their choices and what we can really do if we work hard.”

But despite the hardship, the boys are proud of where they come from. According to them the best things about Greece are: “The Sun, the weather and the ladies!”

The song is not too dissimilar to the kind of songs found in the charts at the moment, with some critics comparing their sound with French artist, Woodkid.

Theo: “We love Woodkid! But he is one of many influences.”

Risky and Nikolaus: “You have to have a broad spectrum of ideas. So we listen to a lot of Muse, Adele, Nat King Cole – Jazz, R n B, Hip Hop.”

The boys have been busy promoting their song, performing in Amsterdam last week and the London Eurovision Party.

Nikolaus: “This is like a crash test.”

So what can we expect from their live performance in the second semi-final on the 8th of May?

Theo: “It will be a little different to the Greek final. We can give you a hint – we will try to visualize ‘rising up’ in some way– that’s all I can say. Anything can happen!”

The boys had one final, personal message for ESC United fans:

All: “Thank you for supporting us, join us, and rise up!”



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