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Your mum‘s favourite


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February 26, 2016
And of course everyone else you‘d like to give the pleasure to.

I started with my husband yesterday. Showed him all songs that have been released so far. Him not being a Eurovision fan I knew he‘d despise most of the songs and I was right.

I was especially surprised that he didn’t like Norway, Estonia or Czech Republic because I thought that would be something he might be into, especially Norway. Seems he didn’t find this half as funny as me.

Now on to the only two songs he liked - more or less (meaning they are "okay"): :bg: and :ie:.
The only other song he also mentioned in a positive way was :pl:. He liked Krystian’s voice and said the song was somewhat powerful, not that bad.


February 6, 2019
West Cornwall
I do rarely actually play Eurovision songs I like to other people but a particularly fond memory is my mum surprisingly liking :ge: 2018, being as it is my 2nd place of that year and I always found it to be like a kind of Eurovision equivalent of Kamen Rider Kiva in that it was basically hated for no reason!


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February 26, 2016
Next round. New songs.
To quote him:

:dk: - omg go away

:ro: - we‘ve had worse songs in the past

:fi: - best so far, pretty good

:nl: - end-of-commercial-song (huh?)

:au: - awesome voice but nobody listens to this just casually from their playlist (I do! :mad: Thank you!)

:de: - Him: mhhh sounds ok. What country is this?
Me: what do you think?
Him: The Netherlands.
Me: nope
Him: Malta? (What???)
Me: nope, it’s ours.
- Silence -
Me: So?
Him: you said our NF was full of shit, so I expected the worst, but this one is actually not that bad
Me: Get outta here!

:rs: I warned him he wouldn’t like it.
Him: not the worst today

Him: I loathed Ukraine last year, this is the same but better, kinda cool! Would be even better with only the male singer, I‘m scared by the females, like a witch circle or something

:me: No.


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April 1, 2021
That’s a funny idea. I showed France to my family. My parents‘ reaction was actually more positive than I expected, but it was more an „I get why you like it“ and not an „I like it“.

My sister found it abismal, but I showed her Spain afterwards and she loved it!


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March 4, 2022
Today I played all the Eurovision Song Contest songs to my mother. She has very difficult tastes and, if she doesn't like a song, after 30 seconds she asks to remove it.

The songs that left some emotion in her are:

:il:: As soon as the song started and she heard Michael sing ... my mom said "Wow! What the hell of a voice!". I was confident that "I.M." he liked her but actually soon after she hated the song. In her opinion, after the first excellent vocalization the song becomes confusing.

:be:: good sound, Makiese's voice is good but at the end of the day... it's a song that stays a little flat.

:uk:: According to my mother, Ryder's singing also reminds him a little bit of James Blunt. She liked "Spaceman" lukewarmly. Good song but nothing special.

:hr:: nice song and... nothing more.

:ro:: only liked the rhythm. For the rest it is a big no.

:ch:: strange but he liked it! In her opinion it gives him the idea of one of those 60's songs.

:sm:: great energy and... that's it.

:de:: it was one of the two songs that she wanted to listen all the way through. She liked Malik Harris and "Rockstars".

:ge:: ok... it's a nice sound but the rest is repetitive and of little value.

:ie:: song with a good rhythm, but no other emotion excites her.

:sl:: sparkling and particular but "It's not her cup of tea".

:mt:: the second song that she has listened to the end. For her the best song.

On the other hand, with regard to Italy, after "Brividi" won Sanremo :it:, he did not like it 😩 I explained the music to her but she remained firm in her idea and then she hates Mahmood's voice 😤 Today, however, she told me "I listened to "Brividi" again. You're right, it's a good song. Blanco is good but I don't like Mahmood. If another singer sang the song I'd like it more" 😤

On the rest of the songs, barring a faint nod to me on the songs from :pl:, :nl: and :no: that she considered good for young people and their respective national markets, she drew a pitiful veil over the rest of the songs... My mother, I repeat, is a very, very severe critic and she can't help but say what she thinks without trying to sweeten things up 🧐

If we look at her votes, those of a 71-year-old woman and those of a fan who is out of the bubble, we realize how big and varied Europe is. We should not be surprised if the final result often surprises us!

So... My mum's Top 10:

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February 19, 2015
Paris (France)
BF's favorite

I didn't make him listen to every entry but like one-two a day

He listened to : :it: :fr: :uk: :pt: :se: :md: :nl: :lt: :no: :rs: and :ua:

He HATED :it: , found :pt: :uk: :no: pretty boring and uninteresting.

His favorite are :se: and :md: => Sweden for him feels authentic, girl has charisma and for Moldova it told me it was just pure fun and less pretentious than half of the acts I showed him.

:fr: we watched the NF and that was his favorite, he loved :ua: the best in 2021 and said it reminded him of it and it was equally good.
:ua: 2022 he found that was ridiculous, specially the two rappers, but the song was strong and he loved the costumes and the staging (? he meant the background ukrainian embroderies on screen).

He found :rs: interesting, said there was something hypnotic and same for :lt: he thought it was not really ESC tailored but that was a good song with a very good singer that oozes charisma and he could vote for her.

He added Hold Me Closer on its playlist and just listening almost everyday.


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March 4, 2022
Confession: That did cross my mind and I actually don't mind some James Blunt songs! Actual James Blunt might get a better result though imo, what a much-loved, absolutely huge mega-star! :ROFLMAO:
My mom and I love James Blunt ♥ ️ An established star like him could get big results in the Eurovision Song Contest. But Ryder is also good and his song is good. I am confident it will surprise everyone in May 💪😎


December 23, 2018
My family did a whole ranking after watching/listening to all songs and this was the result of our "own Grand Final":

#1 :uk:
#2 :se:
#3 :fr:
#4 :pl:
#5 :ee:
#6 :ch:
#7 :nl:
#8 :il:
#9 :gr:
#10 :ro:
#11 :fi:
#12 :mt:
#13 :am:
#14 :at:
#15 :it:
#16 :no:
#17 :de:
#18 :cy:
#19 :ua:
#20 :be:
#21 :az:
#22 :es:
#23 :lt:
#24 :is:
#25 :al:


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February 26, 2016
Last part of letting the husband listen to all ESC songs.

:am: Boring!

:az: Is that the guy with the car crash video last year? Sounds the same. Boring!

:pt: Boring!

:is: Boring!

:ge: There‘s only one band in this world who is allowed to mix that many genres and changes in style during one song [and that is Queen]. Stop it!

:at: better than the others but no highlight

:se: Boring! What‘s up with this year? Why aren’t there more uptempo songs?

:cy: Lame!

:be: Not the worst

:ch: I think it’s definitely one of the better songs (:oops:)

:gr: Actually it‘s not bad, just a bit too much autotune at the beginning. Could be a song in a commercial.

:uk: Him: Let me guess, is this #1?
Me: The ESC didn’t even take place yet!
Him: But this is #1 right now everywhere, right?
Me: no, but it’s # 4 in the betting odds
Him: To me this sounds exactly like the winner song.

:mt: Definitely one of the better songs! (:oops:)


Conclusion: surprisingly he liked a lot of songs that are very far down in the ranking within the ESC bubble (Switzerland, Malta, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria)… maybe we will get a surprise qualifier this year?

Very interesting that he was considering the UK as the No 1 contender for the win, very instantly, after the first chorus. I‘m happy that the song is received that well by someone who doesn’t care about ESC but who sees the potential in it.


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October 1, 2009
My boyfriend and I listened through the songs and scored them 0-10 (with giving the very best song 12 points). His scores were:

12p :sm:
10p :se:
9p :at:
8p :fi: :lt: :sl:
7p :am: :au: :dk: :ie: :md: :me: :nl: :mk: :no: :ch:
6p :al: :be: :hr: :ee: :is: :il: :pl: :ro: :rs:
5p :bg: :fr: :gr: :es:
4p :az: :cy: :pt: :ua: :uk:
3p :cz: :ge: :de: :it: :mt:
2p :lv:

So his fave so far is San Marino! xcookie
Will have my annual listening with the family sometime around easter.

Bobjan FR

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December 11, 2021
My 14 years old Brother reacting to the official recaps, not with a lot of attention i agree.
Last year he watch the songs way after eurovision, his favourite were Switzerlnd, Finland, France, Iceland, San Marino, and Azerbaijan.

Except Ukraine, i didn't told him who are the favourites.

Latvia : Hey, it's not a song about luck but about f.....( The video helped him to understand)
Lituania : Looks like Barbara Bravi
Slovenia : Looks too anoying for a Rock song
Ukraine : Oh it's not bad
Netherland : This sound cool !
Moldova : They will go in final sure
Portugal : Portugal always send calm songs like this, no ?
Norway : Lol but jury won't like this
Armenia : There's a lot of songs like this on theses days
Finland : Looks annoying
Israel : Israel always send strong competitor ( You think ?)
Serbia : Eastern countries send often weird songs
Georgia : Is this rock or Electro ?
San Marino : Winner of eurovision xD lmao (He likes to troll about san marino, as well !)
Australia : He should have a mask that cover totally his face instead of this
Ireland : Lol it's an advertising for Nike (??)
Estonia : I like this !
Romania : And this is spain.... uh it's not ?
Sweden : Switerland always send strong songs.... what it's sweden ? (In French, we say Suisse, he thought sweden was switzerland.
France : Oh the staging looks like this ? It's ugly (I already made him hear the song, my second bother loves it)
Italy : This sound good.
Spain : Buuuuurn her ! (Because he defended France against Spain during the Pixel war of r/place)
Germany : You think he's gonna be bottom 5 in Final ? (Gosh, i didn't thought he could guess)

Countries i didn't mentionned : or i don't remember, or our conversation went on another subject :3


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April 7, 2021
Helsinki, Finland
I have played my top entries this year to my mom and my partner

My mom's favourites: :se: :ua: :uk:
She surprisingly didn't like :it:

My partner's opinions so far:
Kinda good, sounds original: :lt: :ge:
Interesting...not sure he likes it though: :rs:
Ok, but a bit too radio friendly: :uk: :nl:
No, just no please stop the track: :fr: :no:


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October 1, 2009
So had my annual listening of the ESC-songs with my mother and little brother during the easter weekend and they thought it was a pretty decent year, with many impressive singers and not too many dull or bad songs. Maybe it wasn't the strongest ESC-year ever, but it had many interesting entries that they both thought would grow a bit until the contest starts. Here is their scores together with mine (My scores in yellow, mom in pink, brother in green)


It is the first time in quite some time that Sweden tops the scoreboard, that is very unusual (Sweden usually does well, but rarely wins). But if we remove Sweden, then Australia would be my familys winner, a song that even made my mom burst into tears while hearing it. And of course, this is from the very first listening, the scores will for sure change in the coming weeks listening to the songs and of couse live. :)


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March 1, 2013
UK | Solentoya
@Schlagerman1 It's super cool seeing opinions of non-fans, and more so when people do these group listening things. Shame people don't post it much anymore in this thread.

I did my own also, and finally got it completed:

Total of 5 with the initals of each persons name to top the list. Left to right Me - Mum - Step Dad - Friend 1 - Friend 2.

Austria won it, which didn't really surprise me a great deal. Neither did the scores of my step dad which is huge levels of brutal, but then he does have a general hatred to most modern produced music. The general opinion across them all was that were was a lot of similar songs and all were beginning to get tired by the end. Also my mum hated Norway so much she demanded I put down 0 and not 1. :lol:




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February 15, 2020
I think it's the classic not-too-weird popsongs. So it's Estonia and Sweden for sure and probably songs like Malta, Armenia, and Croatia.


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April 13, 2012
I would never get my mom to listen to all the songs but my boyfriend had to go through this during one of our car drives. His Top 10:

1 :se:
2 :pl:
3 :no:
4 :fr:
5 :al:
6 :il:
7 :cy:
8 :es:
9 :nl:
10 :be:


January 19, 2019
Didn't watch the show with mom because of Uni but I was getting live text updates
Her favourites were
she also like :no: and :md: for the fun factor
she hated :ch: and :bg:
Bonus info she said she would have cried at Diodatos performance if she was there live and when I told her that he would have competed in 2020 she said "damn covid"


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February 19, 2015
Paris (France)
I repost here the live voting I did so we were 10 and here are the results, the age was from 15 to 44, it's not really mum's favorite but anyway.

1. Moldova 69 points
everybody loved it but one person hated it and said "I feel like they're wasting my time and they're mocking me"

2. Portugal 66 points
basically the best ballad, modern and touching

3. Norway 60 points
Kinda on the fence on this one, they basically put it high cause there wasn't a lot of uptempos and everybody wanted an uptempo song

4. Armenia 56 points
Some liked the song but here it's the staging that really was the focus point, a lot of them said "for the staging i'm giving points"

5. Greece and Denmark 44 points
For Greece they felt it was pretty solid and Denmark was just enjoyable

7. Austria 40 points
Nobody had it as its favorite but same as Norway, they wanted an uptempo song so badly, they liked the song though but the staging was underwhelming

8. Albania/ The Netherlands 33 points
They didn't like the song from Albania but thought she gave a good show. For The Netherlands it's the opposite, loved the song, thought the staging was crap

10. Ukraine 31 points
It was good, loved the chorus, hated the rap but they don't believe in an Ukrainian Victory "the song has to be good" (I cackled) but well that's just 10 people in a room

11. Lithuania 23 points
Some loved it and gave high marks and others hated it

12. Latvia 20 points
It was fun nothing else

13. Iceland 18 points
Same as Lithuania

14. Bulgaria 16 points
Bulgaria isn't dead last at my big surprise

15. Switzerland / Slovenia 8 points
They thought Switzerland was a Snoozefest and Slovenia was just bad lol

I'll try to post the live voting for Semi Final 2 as well !
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