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March 6, 2012
Congratulations Ashley on your winning, undoubtedly Judas was the favourite of many, thus well deserved victory.
Well done Gabor and ferret for your medals, both were in my top 10!

Thank you for the show @Uto @Edweis it surely must have taken a lot of work and time to hist this edition!
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February 10, 2019
chocolatine in savouè




February 7, 2010
Scotland & Moisantia
Thank you to the voters that returned :nl: to the Top 10 xlove

(Any I identified incorrectly I apologise, my eyes are kinda meeting in the middle xcrazy

:12: Spain, Western USA, Sweden
:10: Romania, Cyprus
:8: South Korea, Western Canada
:7: Turkey, Ostlandet, Pacific States
:6: Argentina, Northeastern USA, Bulgaria
:5: Austria, Sudogwon
:3: Moldova
:2: Central Canada, Lebanon, Morocco, London, Hungary
:1: Brazil, Denmark

Great hosting Uto and Gaëlle - loved it. xclap

And congrats once again to King Ash and :west: - such an underrated Gaga song finally getting it's chance to shine, and rightly so. You sir are a WV legend xheart


April 25, 2012

I blanked it sadly, as the final was so strong and I honestly didn't know how to rank such a bop that I over-consumed over the years (lowkey regretting the blank now ngl)
But well, WV embracing pop winners, what else could I ask for?
And it being your 100th entry, what a moment!!!!!!!

Congratz to @Uto and @Edweis
This edition as a whole should be kept in a precious archive and cherished for centuries to come. You have left a precious trace in internet's dark depths.

See you next edition, which I'm winning with a landslide as I always have and will always do



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January 23, 2013
Oldenburg, Germany
::nwit Margherita Pirri - Le Vent Nous Portera, 5th 150 pts ::nwit

Thanks to:

:12: ::gota :ca: :svea:
:10: :nwen: :uk: :jp: :no: :lond:
:8: :hu:
:7: :neus:
:6: ::sudo :fr:
:5: :dk: :lv:
:4: :cy: :en:
:3: :mx:
:2: :fi: :sobr:
:1: :kant: ::texa

Fantastic result, so much better than expected. My 8th Top 10 result out of the last 13 editions and I reached an 11th place in that time period, too. 2021 was a good year for my entries despite a horrible start with lots of Iceland flops xup

Thanks to the host team for a stunningly creative show that evoked much nostalgia. I was only a fanboy of the first Pokemon generation (the first 150 plus Mew) and lost the track afterwards but nevertheless it was an important part of my childhood. I even had a toy Pokedex and Pokeballs and played several pokemon games on Gameboy Colour and Advanced when I was 8 years or something like that.
The best part of the show were the genuine and amusing fight simulations in the SF shows. One of my personal highlights since I've been part of WV (which is more than six years..) So much passion for the details xheat
About the final results show I wasn't a fan of the announcement and in my opinion the show was unnecessarily long. But as you pointed out correctly, it is your hosting so you are free to create the show in your way as well as I am free to state my opinion :D(and I can deal with the resistance anyway)

Congrats again to Ashley! Not a fan of the song but your 4th win was absolutely overdue... As the statistics master of WV I can tell you it was quite bizarre to see you dominating most statistics but "flopping" (well... relatively) in the medal table. The number of wins you've had so far (three) were kinda underwhelming even though this probably sounds pretentious to most users here, haha. I just look at the things through the glasses of a statistician ;)

I am looking forward to your hosting, your shows were always professional, neat and polished in a good way!


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March 8, 2015
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Well, it's a pleasure for me to participate in the fight for medals again. It happens once a year, so I'm happy. :)
To be honest, I never believed in 🇬🇧🇶🇦 Dana's victory. No one here likes to discover new artists, listen to new songs... Unfortunately.
Therefore, I think the top-5 is a good result! (y) Thank you all very much for voting! xheart But when some people radiate such negativity and schadenfreude, I have no desire to do hosting here. I'm glad I didn't win. Happy New Year! 🎅 Take care of yourself.

Congratulations to Ashley & :west: and Gabor & :hu: (Havasi is coming to my city in May and I intend to get to this concert). 🎹
Thank you for hosting @Uto and @Edweis! It's a little tedious, but everyone liked it, so it's great! xclap


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March 1, 2013
I'm honestly beyond shocked right now. Ofc I knew I'd do well, that would be a total lie to deny that but I never thought i'd win. I sent the song that come 2nd in my NF and what some big pop stans sunk with their votes. It's so extra special for me as this is my 100th edition, it literally perfects it so well and means so much. I won WV100 and then win on my 100th edition. xheat 100s are my thing xo. Not only that, to get 9! 12s, that's huge. The most I ever got was 8 for Cascada in WV55, it's been topped. thank you so so much. I'll update you in the next day or so if I host, I have some thinking to do. But truly, thank you. xheart Love you all.

Uto, Gaelle you really did a phenomenal job with hosting. It's been beyond anything, all the effort gone in and time, the gifs. Chefs Kiss. The theme was soo good. Thank you for hosting.

:west: 1st

:12: :lond: :paci: ::ostl :nl: :au: :susa: :it: :lb: :neus:
:10: :es:
:8: :us: :de:
:7: :ceru: ::gota
:6: :se: :br: ::ceca
:5: :md: :be:
:4: :bg: ::weca
:3: :ro:
:2: xexcuseme
:1: xexcuseme



February 9, 2012
Big, big ol congratulations to Ashley xheart I knew you'd do well but I thought you might have been harmed quite hard by how pop heavy this final was. It shows us the power of Judas. Gaga is hit or miss for me, usually verging towards the latter but this tasty tune is certainly a hit. I've always liked it. Such an iconic victory on your 100th edition xheat Also we must congratulate your Kakuna, the hardest Pokemon since the legendary Metapod 🙌

Big congratulations to Gabor as well on your first silver medal. What a big total! And an equally big total and therefor congratulations are in order for Oleg. Very elegant and powerful entry. Would have made a good winner too.

:us: 16th - 103 Points
:12: :ma:
:10: :kr: :at: :au:
:8: :be: ::ostl :ceru:
:7: ::weca
:6: :lb: :hu: :jp:
:5: :coffee:
:4: :coffee:
:3: :ar: :fi: :br:
:2: :svea: :lv:
:1: :no:

I sent this Code Orange song thinking it would 90% likely miss the final and so 16th is more than I could have hoped for. It's awesome to see what was surely such a polarising rock entry do this well. Thank you!

Gaëlle and Uto, you've left a mark with this edition. Was one of the most memorable WorldVisions from start to finish. My favourite part were those battles from the semi results shows. They were incredibly tense and absolutely laugh out loud hilarious. A lot of heart went into your hosting and it was all very charming and an absolute delight to watch unfold. I'm in kind of a Pokemon mood now. I might have to buy one of the games for my Switch.



Mod of All Things
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January 13, 2010
Trollheimr / Westrobothnia
Sorry, fell asleep 1/3 through the show. :lol:

Congrats :west:! :) And thank you to the Host Team™ for a very creative hosting, even if I know nothing about Pokemon. I can see how much effort was put into it.

Thank you so much for the points to :svea: xlove xhug xheart.

:12: :lv: :no: xheart
:10: :susa: xheart
:8: :en: :lond: xheart
:7: ::texs xheart
:6: ::nwit xheart
:5: :cn: ::gota :fi: xheart
:4: :fr: :uk: xheart
:3: ::sudo :au: :ar: xheart
:2: :pl: :ceru: :at: :nwen: xheart
:1: :us: ::ostl xheart

I gave 5 points to :susa:, not 4. Not sure if this was the only mistake with my votes, but this is the one I noticed.


WorldVision & OM Mod
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October 16, 2011
Bucharest ♦ Bigicia
Woo congrats Ashley and Gags for such a huge win!! My 12 won xlove
Nice to see Hungary and UK in the top 3 as well! I may not have predicted the winner, but I guessed the top 3 xheat #BabaVanga

Thank you so much for 4th place and 151 points! I wasn't sure what the general reaction would be for such a dirty ol' scorewhore but I had to send Evanescence at least once in my WV career, crowning my 150 consecutive participations with a little nostalgia. With this ocassion I want to thank you all, members of the WorldVision community, for changing my life and making the last nine years a very exciting experience. I look forward to every single edition and that's because of you, every single one of ya. Keep being you! And here's to 150 more! See y'all in WV300!


Evanescence - Lithium
4th place, 151 points

:12: :en: :md:
:10: ::texs :paci: :au: :fi:
:8: ::sudo :cn: :nwen: Nunavut
:6: :lond:
:5: :lv: :pl: :jp: :svea:
:4: :no: :ro:
:3: :hu:
:2: :be: :kant: :neus: ::weca :bg: ::nwit :uk:
:1: :west: :at:

There are no words for this hosting, it's everything we could wish for from a Pokémon theme. This edition has been very effective, it even made me rewatch some Indigo League episodes! :lol: Thank you team Rocket Jessuto & Jamedweis! xbow
also sorry for missing the later half of the results i dozzed off i literally had to wake up at 6am smhhh


March 9, 2020
Congrats, Ash and :west: xcheer deserving win

I bet they feel like clowns rn. Imagine the girl you bullied won WV xheat

Huge thanks for Gaelle and Uto for the amazing show.

Thanks for all the votes for :bg: I didn't expect to be so close to winning xheat
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