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WV Spin-Off 134 🎗️ Folk & Ethno Spin-Off 🎗️ The Show


April 25, 2012
Thank you everyone for another 3rd place for my homeland Karadeniz, it's a great success and it means alot to me, especially in such a surprisingly beautiful spin-off.
Looking forward to snatching more top medals in the future with this elite Turkish region, so I can look exactly like this.


Congratz to Norway and Germany! I wish Betonamu and Ankara had been in top 5
And thank you Kai and karaDeniz for iconic hosting


February 9, 2012
Sorry I joined just as this was ending. I literally just had a boiler room emergency (2020 keep being you) but I'm here now. Thank you so much for all the support you gave my favourite British singer xheart

I pointed out to Deniz already that there was a slight mistakey in my points. My 5 was England, not United Kingdom (I would have given Marianne 12 if I wanted to vote for myself x) and my 4 then was Latvia, not England. I've probably flopped just a little bit harder now.

But anyway, thank you so, so much Deniz for helping me out here. I appreciate it so much. I absolutely couldn't have done this without you. Love ya xlove Thank you for all the nice comments. It was great fun holding my first spin-off, and it did in the end help take my mind away from a bad situation, so I'm very happy I said yes.

And a big congratulations to Norway and Vlad! One of my biggest favourites here so very happy to see your song win. Better pick a nice spin-off now for you to host *cough*.. and never mind a cough, *points gun*
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March 8, 2015
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Congratulations to 🇳🇴 Norway! xheya And thank you for the 7th place for 🇺🇦 Go_A! xlove Basque Country & 🇦🇿 thanks for :12: xheart
I'm sorry that I didn't vote for some of the songs because I already voted for half of them 27 times before this spin-off... :lol:
But still thank you for this spin-off, Kai and Deniz - everything was great! xup


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January 13, 2010
Trollheimr / Westrobothnia
Congrats :no:! :D Awesome winner. xlove

Thank you Kai and Deniz for a fantastic hosting. xclap This felt like a wonderful little appetizer for the hosting magic we're about to experience in WV! xheat

And of course, a huge thank you to everyone who voted for :se:! Happy that at least some of you enjoyed it. xlove xhug xrose

:10: :lv: xheart
:8: :ec: xheart
:7: :fi: Central Hungary xheart
:6: :dk: :bg: :gr: xheart
:5: :en: xheart
:3: :hr: xheart

This was a super strong, fantastic edition, with so many songs I loved. Even my one pointer would have been a top pointer in a normal edition. This also meant I had to leave lots of songs I loved without points. So sorry to :bg: :gr: :hu: :uk: :fi: :hr: :ma:, I wish I could have voted for you too. :(


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March 6, 2012
Congratulations :no:

Happy to avoid a bottom 5. Thanks for your votes to :fi: It was a really competitive spin-off, I had to leave out without points about 7 songs, but the most important is that we enjoyed different folk/ethno styles.

Thank you Kai and Deniz for hosting xheart

Alex anti-mainstream voting bless
Alex who? :unsure::geek:


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February 7, 2013
Athens & Kordavian Islands
Congratulations to Norway! xcheer It is a great song, like most of the songs in this spin-off. I am terribly sorry for leaving Hungary, Ecuador, UK, Mongolia, Scotland, Basque Country, Ukraine and Central Hugary without points (hopefully i am not forgetting anyone). :p I really loved those songs too.

Right side of the socreboard, but i am quite happy with my result, as i expected worse, cause it is not the typical folk song that is appreciated in WV. Big thnx to everyone who voted for :gr:, especially to Bulgaria for the :12: points, as well to Latvia and Morocco for the :8: (if you liked "Lava", then i strongly suggest you listen to Alkistis' full album - you won't regret it! ;) )

And finally, thank you Kai and Deniz for the show! :D


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March 23, 2012
Congrats :no:! Indeed so great winner. xlove
Thank you everyone who voted for :lv:. xheart xhug
Thank you Kai and Deniz for excellent hosting. xup xbow

This was super strong edition and I voted to vote for many more songs. Sorry for those I really enjoyed but could not fill in my top 10: :hu: :uk: :mn: :bg: :hr: :ma: Central Hungary. :(


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December 7, 2013
Team Matsuri
Thank you everyone for this honorable result for :no: xheart xheart xheart
Oh, I'm so delighted!!! If you only knew... It seems I have won in Spin-off for the first time. My highest placing was 2nd - and not far ago btw, on Year Randomizer 06. And how spectacular that now I have beaten my record agtain on Kai's and Deniz edition :p You are great hosts together #craveforscandels

This Wardruna's song is so dark, mysterious, raw and... sexy. Not the darkest you can imagine but exactly the amount of dark I enjoy. This got me obsessed with it since the first listen even though the beginning of the song sounded a bit weird to me at first. I think now this will be my one of top-favorites of 2020 releases.

I'm now regretting I couldn't play as Norway on WV and send this song there. Wardruna is apparently from Bergen and it's far away from Ostlandet.

To be honest the competetiveness level is very high for this theme and after being at LL I rather didn't expect victory. Thank you again, this inspires me to play more and more.

Hopefully I will tolerate the theme I will happen to host next xangel


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March 13, 2011
Ah, I forgot.
Thank you Kai & Deniz for the scandelous and suspicious hosting. Just the way I like xqueenbitch
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