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WLSC Winner's Contest ~ Voting allowed for everyone until 22/03/12 - 23.59


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May 17, 2011
Welcome to the Winner's Contest of WLSC, completely based on the Winner's Contest of NSC (Thanks to Sean to let me use this format)
So, a little about the history of WLSC. WLSC was founded around may/june 2011. Since then we've seen awesome nations passing through, one with already a NSC-win like Doire. In the General Awards, Illumia was voted as best WL-nation. If we look at the results they also have the most wins together with Brughentwerp, Aspirinia and Chocolate Empire. Now over to the show!

If you'd like to vote, please vote in Eurovision-style en send your votes in a PM to me, Lowyby before Friday the 23th of March. You are permitted to vote if you have an entry in this competition and you can also vote for it but please be fair.You ofcourse don't have to vote if an entry of you is in here, but all votes are really appreciated! Thanks x​
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