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WLSC 241 - Results on page 3 | Your Kettle's Symphony | Last Homely House, Endórë


January 26, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
Hello to all delegations, welcome to Endórë :)

Deadline for voting is Saturday 04-06-2022, 15:00, no extensions.

Results show will take place on Saturday 04-06-2022, 21:30

Nations that have already voted:
Balearica Island
Oussou Empire
Rehi Kaita
Tamausia & Deltannor
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January 26, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic

Hello dear guests, let me take you on a small journey throughout the history of tea - and when I say tea, I mean the actual thing, not the poor slush of uncertain colour one would get served at the school canteen, begging to be mixed with a large quantity of fruit sirup to become even drinkable.
History of tea has been connected with sailing endeavours, smuggling, forgery and politics, but also with zen-like calmness, boosting one's energy, and general human hospitality. It is no wonder tea has eventually become one of the most consumed liquids by humans, second only to water.
Grab your complimentary cup, take a seat and enjoy the show :)

Opening act
Florence + The Machine - Free, WLSC 240 Winner

1. Belvist
Beyond The Black - In The Shadows

Belvistians usually like to experiment, always somewhat wary about their caffeine intake. Instead of tea, they sometimes opt for brew from the Rooibos bushes that contains almost no caffeine. Another popular substitute is a brew from yerba-maté, whose caffeine levels on the other hand are sky high.

2. Oussou Empire
MeLLLo - Crown

Oussou Empire is one of three biggest tea exporters, mainly specialising in black teas. Their loose leaves Darjeeling (also nicknamed "the Champagne of all teas") is probably the best and smoothest black tea you can find in all of Natia.

3. Tamausia & Deltannor
Imen Es - Fantôme

Many books have been written about the importance of tea for Tamausia & Deltannor, the word being often linked to ideas of freedom and independence. But even more importantly, all of Natia owes to this nation (or curses it to no end, depending on how much of a tea purist one is) for the invention of teabags 118 years ago, when the tea importer Thomas Sullivan had first offered his samples packed in tiny silken bags to his business partners. Nowadays, most of Natia's tea is prepared from teabags.

4. Låpøtré
Jamie xx - LET'S DO IT AGAIN

"What goes first, tea or milk?" is the ultimate question of every tea lover's life and universe.
But now the problem has luckily been settled at last, it turns out the answer is - potatoes!

5. L
björk - notget

Butter tea is popular with inhabitants of L - traditionnally made from tea, yak butter, water and salt. The prospect of drinking this might not seem very attractive, but perhaps realising that instead of tea, you are in fact about to consume something more akin to a soup could help you.

6. 7
Yoga - Miirtek x Marti Fischer

Inhabitants of this country are true tea connoisseurs, with black pu-erhs being their choice of preference. Pu-erh teas are often stored in the form of rounded pies wrapped in paper. They have a very specific earthy taste and are the only kind of tea that may gain value with time - just like a fine wine.

7. Nauthinia Vallis
Nina Utashiro - ARIA

The first nation ever known to drink tea is also Natia's no°1 tea exporting superpower. It mostly specializes in green teas (you can for instance try the Chunmee or Maofeng ones), but you can also taste a very good white (jasmine scented Baimudan is one of the best examples) or oolong (try Tieguanyin) ones. Eventually, there are more different teas in Nauthinia Vallis than there are days in a year.

8. New Bander State
Unlucky Morpheus - 「"M" Anthem」

The final member of the "holy trinity of tea" is the New Bander State. After mutual cultural exchange with Nauthinia Vallis more than 1000 years ago, New Bander State has embraced tea in full and soon started growing its own tea plantations. Nowadays, they mostly specialise in green teas. Gyokuro especially is considered to be the emperor of all teas, with its leaves being harvested among the very first every spring, from tea bushes that have been protected from the sun for 2-3 weeks by special bamboo mats.

9. Fierraria
Iva Sativa - Kosa

Fierraria has made drinking tea into an actual art, as it is the country of origin of the sadó ritual (google the term at your own risk!) tea ceremony. Each such gathering lasts from 1 to 4 hours and follows rather strict rules of etiquette, where all participants share a common bowl of thick green tea, no matter their wealth or social class. You might be familiar with matcha as the tea being used there - matcha is a powder green tea made from actual leaves, gaining more and more popularity these days. The resulting drink is very strong in caffeine and may even give you a (healthier) energy drink sort of a high, when prepared properly.

10. Akatsuki
Mika - Yo Yo

Mint leaves combined with gunpowder make base for this nation's ultimate specialty, also called as "le Touareg". Obviously, we are not discussing shooting at people, what a barbaric idea. It turns out "gunpowder" is a different name for the popular Zhu Cha green tea, in which each leaf has been rolled into a small round pellet - resembling the grains of gunpowder.
"Le Touareg" is best consumed with a healthy dose of sugar. When preparing this, ditch your usual peppermint and instead go for the "nana" mint variety for a much smoother taste.

Interval act
Professor Elemental - Everything Stops for Tea

11. Balearica Island
Timmy Trumpet & TNT - Scarborough Fair

Balearica Island used to be a major producer of coffee, however 170 years ago, an agressive orange fungus - Hemileia vastatrix - decimated most of its coffee trees. An economic turnoil arose, however some people saw this is as an opportunity. Amongst them was Mr. James Taylor, who started a tea factory that eventually took off. He subsequently helped creating tea plantations across the entire island and dedicated the rest of his life to improvement of tea cultivation - the only holiday he ever took was spent in Oussou Empire, studying their production methods of Darjeeling. Nowadays, Balearica Island is one of Natia's strongest exporters of black tea.

12. Endórë
Annalisa - Eva + Eva (feat. Rose Villain)

Endoreans have always been fans of many types of herbs, so it is no wonder they'd started experimenting mixing tea with other stuff a long time ago. You might have heard about our favourite way of tea preparation already, commonly known as the "masala chai" or "chai tea latte". The secret of this recipe rests in picking some very low quality black tea and boiling it together with fresh ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and clove. When reaching boiling point, add milk. For a little fun, you may also add a small chilli pepper when encountering the occasional rude alcoholic who suggests teatotallers cannot handle a proper strong drink.

13. Utopolis
Black Dresses - Dreams Come True

The inhabitants of Utopolis are amongst heaviest tea drinkers in all of Natia, which is strongly supported by the fact that Utopolis became the very first country to start importing it from one of the countries of origin, namely from Nauthinia Vallis. The first ships with a few crates of green tea have reached the harbour more than 400 years ago. At first, tea had been supposed to only be a magical healing herb available for the richer classes who would buy it in pharmacies, but within a hundred years, one could buy tea in ordinary shops and even drink it in pubs.

14. Pyreica
iamamiwhoami - thunder lightning

Drinking tea has never really cought up here as much as in other countries, possibly because of the bears needing shots of something stronger when dealing with all the reckless tourists. Nevertheless, Pyreicans are people of culture and are one of the rare ones not calling "tea" just about any herb infused in boiling water, carefully using a different word "tisane" for such beverages. Tea purists from the entire world rejoice and shall remain forever grateful!

15. Effiland
Lake Malawi (feat. We Are Domi) ~ High-Speed Kissing

In case you are not content with your morning coffee and would prefer to roast a different target (preferably not the author of this show for all the poor humour ;) ), let me suggest the delicious Rize çayı harvested in Effiland's mountains. This black tea is best infused after a gentle roasting, consumed in the lovely original glass, and of course, with a healthy dose of sugar.

16. Bigicia
Connie Constance - Miss Power

Let's go, black tea and cardamom! Drinking tea is an inseparable part of travelling with Bigician railways. On every station, you have numerous vendors of masala chai going through trains, shouting "chai chai chai!", willing to sell you inexpensive tea directly where you are seated. Their product is usually excellent, so, how convenient!

17. Öösingimäed
Anachnid - Braids

Öösingimäed is another pioneer of modern tea inventions. A heat wave hit right through the Natia exposition which concidentally also took place 118 years ago, when Mr. Richard Blechynden got the marvellous idea of pouring cold tea on cubes of ice, thus both saving his business situation and inventing ice tea.

18. Rehi Kaita
Noisex - Escape From Paradise

Water for tea is always at the ready in Rehi Kaita's lands, constantly heated in the - usually beautifully decorated - metal containers called "samovar". When using a samovar, make an extra strong brew of tea concentrate in your teapot and then dilute that with water from samovar mixed into your cup, at about 10-to-1 ratio. To go hardcore with traditions, drink your black tea through a cube of sugar put directly in your mouth.

19. Mormadorei
Adé - Tout savoir

Little is known about tea culture in Mormadorei, and yet it might seem they too have cracked the ages old "What goes first, tea or milk?" question - apparently by boiling milk directly with loose black tea and sugar! This so called nomadic way of preparation allows for smoother and less bitter taste with 3-4 times higher concentration of caffeine than usual. A great choice after physical exercise in cold conditions, but beware of a caffeine overdose!

20. Sween
Dean de La Richardière - Tecknofobia (Polo & Pan Tecknolovia Remix)

Coffee and tea both are very popular in Sween, so popular that the population used to be divided into two camps, each believing their beverage of choice benefits human's health while the other one harms it. The legend says two convicts got a very unusual punishment about 200 years ago, aiming at finding out which camp is right - one convict would have to drink himself to death with 10 cups of tea every day, and the other one with the same amount of coffee. A team of doctors got charged with monitoring the convicts health condition, but apparently, the doctors managed to die first - too bad we don't know which drink had they fancied.

21. Moisantia
Dead Blonde - Мальчик на девятке (Mal'chik na devyatke)

Moisantia has strongly contributed to the history of tea, be it with its famous tea parties, facilitation of tea imports or experiments with cultivating tea on their own soil. Its inhabitants are also strong promoters of the so called "Moisantian Blend", which consists of all the small loose tea leftovers one accumulates throughout a longer period of time, all mixed in one ultimate blend. This might seem a little ridiculous at first, however many famous blends throughout the ages have been discovered exactly in this way.

Closing act
Štěpán Rak - In Praise of Tea (The Parting Glass)

I hope you have enjoyed the show. Please let me know which songs were your cup of tea by next Saturday 04-06-2022, 15:00! :)
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September 28, 2009

Jamie xx - Let's Do It Again



January 26, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
Warm greetings to everyone who'd decided to join us for the 241st edition of WLSC here in Endórë! This time, it's the Elves who'd finally elvened up and agreed to welcome you all in the exquisite location of the valley of Imladris. While the conditions might become a little cramped, rest assured this place has its rich history of hosting countless concerts of various musical genres and everyone shall eventually enjoy a top notch WLSC experience.


To kick things off, we would be thrilled to enjoy the pleasure of your delegation's company during our opening tea ceremony.
Feel free to leave your grandma's favourite set at home, hot beverages shall be provided to everyone's satisfaction as Endórë is an aspiring tea and tea pottery superpower. See you all very soon!


January 26, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
In case you still haven't made your way to Endórë, despair not, for we can always offer a convenient transport solution. Our Friendly Eagles airlines are currently undertaking their usual yearly checkup, however we have managed to secure a very thematic experience for you in cooperation with our partners from Moisantia, who have kindly lent us their national treasure straight from the docks of Nucharlton. For the first time ever, you may reach our shores on the board of an authentic clipper! To make sure you can benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity, choose the song you want to cheer us up with once we all get seasick, and come join us on board of the magnificent Cutty Sark :)


Don't be late though, we are setting sail tomorrow at 23:59!

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September 28, 2009
Belvist will definitely be returning, the song is yet to be decided!


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August 9, 2011
not sweden
≋≋ ::tad Tamausia & Deltannor ::tad ≋≋
Imen Es - Fantôme

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