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Which Spin-Off should be 156th? FIRST ROUND

Choose the theme

  • ESC Non-Qualifiers

    10 40.0%
  • 22 Years of ESC: Year Randomizer

    8 32.0%
  • The Funeral Song

    7 28.0%
  • The Place of Real Winners

    8 32.0%
  • That 70's Edition

    8 32.0%
  • What?

    5 20.0%
  • Triathlon

    4 16.0%
  • Winter Olympics

    3 12.0%
  • Central/South America

    7 28.0%
  • Cupcakke

    7 28.0%
  • Live Performance

    7 28.0%
  • Mello Battle of Regions

    3 12.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


WorldVision Mod
Staff member
October 16, 2011
RO ♦ Bigicia

ESC NON-Qualifiers: Send a ESC Song that didn't qualifier for the Final.
22 Years of ESC NF's: Year Randomizer: You get a Year from 2000 to 2021 and sending a NF Song from that year. Music Videos and Regions are not allowed.
The Funeral Song: Send songs by deceased artists.
The Place of Real Winners: Send songs that were placed second last in WorldVision. The winner of this Spin-off theme is also placed second last.
That 70's Edition: Send songs from the 1970's
What?: Send songs with inaudible lyrics
Triathlon - Songs should relate to swimming, cycling or running
Winter Olympics - Songs should relate to a winter sport
Central/South America Spin-off: why not?
Cupcakke Spin-off: Send a Cupcakke remix of a popular song.
Live Performance send a song with a great live performance. no music video. it doesn't have to be sung live
Mello Battle of Regions pick a region from sweden and send a song from the melodifestivalen for this region
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