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What do you think of "Il faut du temps" (France 2002)?


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September 7, 2019
Bavaria, Germany
Hello everybody,

in 2002 :fr: was represented in Tallinn by the singer Sandrine Francois and her song "Il tau du temps" and finished 5th with 104 points. Until now this is the last time an ESC entry from :fr: reaching the top 5. What do you think about the song??

For me this is my favourite entry from France in the 2000s. A ballad which was classic in a good way performed by a very talented singer which reminded me at some parts of Celine Dion. What I also like that the song was completely in French, unlike the previous year when Natasha Saint-Pier sang the end of her entry in English.

The final placement was very deserved, even though in such a weak year like 2002 a higher placement would´ve been great as well. I still listen to this song pretty often and like it a lot. xheart
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