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Turkey TURKEY 2021 - not taking part


September 28, 2009
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March 13, 2018
I was able to find the performances on Youtube, though!

My Top 13:

01. YAKUTIA - Mokhsoğollor (Мохсоҕоллор) performed by Umsuura
02. BASHKORTOSTAN - Halkima (Халҡыма) performed by Ziliya Bahtieva
03. KYRGYZSTAN - Jüpiter (Юпитер) performed by Aiganysh Abdieva
04. BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Džehva performed by Armin Muzaferija
05. TUVA - Bayla la Talgam (Байла ла Талгам) performed by Oorzhak Omak Çopanoviç
06. NOGAI - Munayma (Мунъайма) performed by Zhanna Musayeva
07. MOLDOVA - Ateş Gibi performed by Pelageya Stefoglo
08. KAZAKH UYGHURS - Sevgiyi Besle performed by Group Sada
09. TATARSTAN - Ğafu it, awılım (Гафу ит, авылым) performed by Diliya Ahmetshina
10. KHAKASSIA - Ot chalynda (От чалында) performed by Darya Tacheyeva
11. UKRAINE - Tikenli Yol performed by Natalie Papazoglu
12. ALBANIA - Perseri performed by Ilire Ismajli
13. SERBIA - Dojivotno Osucen (Doživotno Osuđen) performed by Haris Skarep
I did not know that there is a thing called Turkvision! So cool, especially as it features singers from Yakutia and I really like music from Yakutia. Be it something more ambitious or trashy Siberian disco, lol.

Imagine Yakut disco for Russia at the ESC or Tuvan throat singing in the future! This would shock everyone, but sadly it is extremely unlikely. We do have an ethnic Tajiki this year for Russia though!
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