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Russia RUSSIA 2021 - Manizha - Russian Woman

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September 28, 2009

Поле, поле, поле, я ж мала
Поле, поле, поле, так мала
Как пройти по полю из огня
Как пройти по полю, если ты одна?
А-а-а, ждать мне чьей-то ручечки, ручки?
А-а-а, а кто подаст мне ручку, девочки?
Испокон веков с ночи до утра
С ночи-ночи ждём мы корабля, ждём мы корабля
Очень-очень ждём мы корабля, ждём мы корабля, ждём мы корабля
А чё ждать? Встала и пошла

Хай-ха, хай-ха
Эй, эй
Every Russian woman needs to know (Ха, ха)
You're strong enough to bounce against the wall (Эй, эй)
Every Russian woman needs to know (Ха, ха)
You're strong enough to bounce against the wall (Эй, эй)

Шо там хорохорится? Ой, красавица
Ждешь своего юнца, ой, красавица
Тебе уж за 30, алло, где же дети?
Ты в целом красива, но вот похудеть бы
Надень подлиннее, надень покороче
Росла без отца, делай то, что не хочет
Ты точно не хочешь? (Не хочешь, а надо)
Послушайте, правда, мы с вами не стадо
Вороны, прошу отвалите-е-е

Теперь зарубите себе на носу
Я вас не виню, а себя я чертовски люблю
Борются, борются
Все по кругу борются, да не молятся
Сын без отца, ночь без отца
Но сломанной family не сломать меня, а

Хай-ха, хай-ха
Эй, эй
Every Russian woman needs to know (Ха, ха)
You're strong enough to bounce against the wall (Эй, эй)
Every Russian woman needs to know (Ха, ха)
You're strong enough (Эй, эй)

Эй, русский женщин, давай, голосуй за меня
Да, you're strong enough, you're strong enough
Don't be afraid (Don't be afraid)
Don't be afraid (Don't be afraid)
Don't be afraid (Don't be afraid)
Don't be afraid, don't be afraid

Теперь зарубите себе на носу
Я вас не виню, а себя я чертовски люблю
Борются, борются
Все по кругу борются, да не молятся
Сын без отца, ночь без отца
Но сломанной family не сломать меня, а
Хай-ха, хай-ха
Эй, эй
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Well-known member
May 31, 2013
Moving through Germany
I ncever actually thought of Russia ending up as one of my favourites, yet here they did. I want to say kudos to every russian televoter making her win the NF and blessing us with the goddess of a female ethno hip hop beat with an imporant message on cherry top. Thought the european televoters would've given her like a 100 points more, well 9th is still okay for me xup


Well-known member
March 7, 2012
Happy to see it manage top. 10, I obviously wanted more since it's my #1 this year but I didn't expect it to be much higher, interestingly though it did better with juries and worse with televoters than I expected (I think with the latter the bad running-order could have had a negative impact, but then again what were the Russian diaspora doing that normally vote like crazy or do they really dislike her that much?).

Russian diaspora did vote for her. 10 points from Latvia.


Well-known member
March 1, 2015
Village in Slovenia
Russian diaspora did vote for her. 10 points from Latvia.
There is no Russian diaspora in Slovenia, but Slovenia awarded big points from jury and even televote in both - in the semis as well as the finals.

The reality is that Russia enjoys very positive public image in Slovenia even if the entire world and West decries Putin and modern Russia. I did not like the Russian song this year, but I am still super happy that Slovenia voted for Russia to show our love for Mother Russia.

Yes, that's politics, minorities, etc. But since I love Russia and their culture and their music, I am super happy that we did give them points.

Next year, please Russia, bring again your top-notch pop singers. I don't care if they are in white. I just want some really good singer again in the game.


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June 29, 2012
The Russian Federation
This song was a pure gem! Thanks Manizha and the entire team for representing my country with pride and energy that has never been seen on this stage before. I was proud af when the entire world heard russian language for three minutes with such a strong message, with cultural appropriation and I DO hope that some people realized that russia is much more than matryoshka doll and balalaika. Its huge and has a lot of nations in it


March 11, 2013
@A-lister @Sultana or anybody else, can you find names of Manizha's backing vocalists. I can not find any single of 'em.. Please help me, if you can.. :(


March 4, 2011
If anyone is interested, someone did list all of the paintings used in the live performance:
0:34 Гончарова Н.С. Хоровод. 1910
0:43 Гончарова Н.С. Автопортрет с жёлтыми лилиями. 1907
1:11 Гончарова Н.С. Сбор винограда. 1911
1:15 Гончарова Н.С. Женщина с фруктами. 1910
1:22 Гончарова Н.С. Продавщица апельсинов. 1916
1:28 Экстер А.А. Менада. Эскиз костюма к спектаклю "Фамира Кифаред". 1916
1:34 Ларионов М.Ф. Портрет Н.С. Гончаровой. 1915
1:47 Климова Н. Древняя Русь. 2018


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May 27, 2010
Minsk ->Chicago


Active member
March 10, 2013
United States
She sure was a force of nature! Easily right up there with the grannies as one of the most memorable performers! It's too bad she didn't place higher but top 10 was fantastic (for a mixed song that sounded like 3 pasted together :lol: ) and way above my expectations. Too bad Manizha couldn't win either the press or artistic award. She sure deserved one of them!

And a huge shoutout to those fantastic backing singers! They sounded louder and more powerful then any backing track used in the whole competition. So much out of just 4 people :cool:


October 1, 2009

Youtube Weekly charts
(both videos, not counting May 18-19)

Russian Woman charted in 26 countries.​

:by: - #1 - 431k
:ee: - #1 - 77k
:lv: - #1 - 108k
:ru: - #1 - 5.884 million
:ua: - #2 - 1.648 million
:lt: - #5 - 266k
:md: - #5 - 152k
:is: - #9 - 11k
:mt: - #9 - 24k
:fi: - #10 - 102k
:se: - #13 - 136k
:cy: - #15 - 36k
:no: - #16 - 59k
:nl: - #18 - 214k
:rs: - #18 - 325k
:de: - #21 - 561k
:be: - #34 - 105k
:ch: - #35 - 58k
:at: - #36 - 63k
:lu: - #36 - <10k
:cz: - #41 - 57k
:dk: - #42 - 30k
:il: - #64 - 163k
:ie: - #66 - 27k
:pl: - #90 - 301k
:uk: - #91 - 218k

- #55 - 14.2 million
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December 23, 2018
FKK am Hundestrand. Bratwurstland.

Manizha: Russian Eurovision star faces hate campaign over opposition to Ukraine war​

The singer who represented Russia at Eurovision in 2021 is being targeted by a cyberbullying campaign over her opposition to the war in Ukraine.
Manizha Sangin has been an outspoken critic of the invasion, calling it a "fraternal conflict" that goes "against the will" of Russian people.
Now, a co-ordinated online campaign is trying to blacklist the star in Russia.
Many of her concerts this summer have been scrapped after details of the organisers were posted on social media.
"She, her team and the promoters [have] received many threats", Sangin's spokesman Sergey Yakovlev told the BBC.
One message shared on social media site Telegram includes the phone number and address for organisers of September's Aleksandrovskaya Fortress festival, which celebrates the Cossack culture of Ukraine and southern Russia.
It urges people to "write in" and "demand to cancel the performance of Manizha, saying that she opposes the Russian army".
It adds: "Most importantly, be polite and non-offensive. It is important that there are a lot of requests, so spread the word."
Festival organisers confirmed they had been bombarded with complaints. "Unfortunately, we did indeed receive a significant amount of negative emails and calls from people who seem to be unhappy with Manizha's support for peace," they told the BBC.
"However, we don't see any contradiction in Manizha's stance, as peace is a necessary prerequisite for celebrating diversity and multiculturalism, which is what our festival is ultimately about."
At the time of writing, the festival, which is organised by the Volnoe Delo charity foundation, intends to keep Sangin on the bill. However others, including Stereoleto festival and the Glavclub, have dropped her from their line-ups.
Earlier this week, the magazine pulled a cover story about the star, while she was included on an unofficial list of "blacklisted artists" that circulated amongst Russian media companies earlier this year.
The singer, whose fiancé is half-Ukrainian, has repeatedly spoken of her "despair" over Russia's invasion.
"I want nothing but peace. Children, women, soldiers are dying here and there," she wrote on Instagram earlier this year.
Her opposition is partly based on her childhood experiences of fleeing the civil war in Tajikistan. "When you see these tragedies from the inside, your position is crystal clear: You never want this to happen to anyone ever again," she told US news network NPR.
Soon after Russia's invasion, she released a song called Soldier, originally written about the war in her homeland, which contains the repeated refrain: "Stop the war."
It came as President Putin signed a law that banned public figures from using the words "war" or "invasion" to describe what Russia calls a "special military operation". The penalty is up to 15 years in jail.
As a result, there have been calls for members of the public to report Sangin to Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs as someone "who has committed public actions aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation".

She has also been accused of fleeing Russia for France earlier this year, calling her a "traitor" who only returned to make money by performing concerts. Sangin explained her trip to Paris came after her sister, who lives there, was seriously injured in an accident.
Sangin's spokesperson said he didn't know who was behind the campaigns. "These may be people who support the special military campaign in Ukraine or those who show intolerance towards Manizha's national origin [Tajikistan]."
In the meantime, Sangin is performing livestream concerts and helping Ukrainian refugees through her charity, the Silsila Foundation, and as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.
"Of course there are fears" for her safety, her spokesperson added, "but she would like to continue to work and live in Russia."
The singer has also announced a series of concerts this autumn, dubbed the Uncancelled Tour, with performances scheduled in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Sangin is not the only Russian performer to face criticism for opposing the war.
In May, rock legend Yuri Shevchuk was questioned by security forces after condemning the invasion during a concert.
"The motherland, my friends, is not the president's arse, that you have to lick and kiss all the time," said the star, who is frontman of the band DDT.
Although the charges of spreading "false information" about the invasion were eventually dropped, DDT suspended its future concert plans.
Sangin finished ninth at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 with the song Russian Woman. Russia was banned from this year's contest, where Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra were the runaway winners.

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