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Pre-recorded backing vocals to be allowed in 2021


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May 23, 2017
SVT proved often enough to know better whats good for Eurovision than the ESC-Fandom, so I trust them.
Also the Change is Corona-related and not to benefit certain Countries.


May 20, 2019
Obviously they are doing this because they know Jedward will be representing Ireland in 2021 so they want to give them the best shot of winning as the salt created for when they do so will be able restock the world's supplies of it, making up for shortages due to COVID aaaannnnnd meaning that less power and fossil fuels will be used to mine the rest of it thus saving us all from Global Warming!

Its really obvious when you think about it, how are you lot not seeing that? The answer is right there in front of you!

I mean its obviously not being done so as to benefit the acts that can't actually sing live, or at least not in a hyper controlled environment like a television studio where the broadcaster and record label subtly manipulate the audience to vote for the act they want to win by giving said act priority spots in the running order, alter audio levels of the vocals, and give them more endearing V.T.s I mean where the act might and their backing singers won't be as scared as when its done in front of a huge crowd like Eurovision.

Yeah, its not that at all, no.


May 10, 2017
Humm... what would be the point of having live performances if half the vocals are pre-recorded ?
Exactly. No point at all. Better to have a radio show.
Also, if the point to implement this aberration is to have less people on stage (or to permit the delegations to travel with less bodies), then just limit the number of people allowed on stage. period. Instead of 6, let it be only 3 or 4, and reduce the staff elsewhere. I really don't see how giving the choice to have this pre-recording this will stop the spread of Corona. Maybe it's just a, gasp, silly excuse?

We know that in some entries it's the backing vocalists who do the heavy lifting, and in two years there will be less and less capable singers and just cutie pies that can't sing shit but can shake their asses with a catchy song while relying on the backing vocals.. A percentage of the entries are like that already.
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