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NF Faves - 2020 edition


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February 7, 2010
Scotland & Moisantia
My Top 5 replacements for 2020 which would've all brought something extra to the show for me (I should clarify in the cases of :se: :dk: and :no: I do still really enjoy the songs they chose, but these songs are definitely worth a space in the contest!)

:fi: Erika Vikman - Cicciolina
No surprise - biggest NF miss of the year, so much fun and a perfect schlager pop/disco banger!

:se: Anna Bergendahl - Kingdom Come
As much as I was cheering for Dotter at the time, this one just screams Eurovision anthem more for me over time. Excellent performance at MF.

:dk: Jasmine Rose feat. RoxorLoops - Human
Love the little ethnic elements to the song and melody. Would've been elevated with a live audience and bigger staging at ESC.

:no: Raylee - Wild
You can argue that it was Laurell Barker by numbers, but the fact remains that this was catchy as heck and performed beautifully at NMGP. Still love my Ulrikke though xlove

:hr: Indira - You Will Never Break My Heart
My biggest guilty pleasure of this year and played constantly for me now - I just love the hook, and bonkers stage show, the power shoulder pads. Indira for ESC 2021!!! xpray
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