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Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

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ESC United Mod Team

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February 10, 2021

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June 16, 2018
Saule has been disqualified for publicly performing Finally Happy before September 1st.



Well-known member
April 6, 2017
A Supernova, much stronger than previous years. 4 songs I really like

1. Luīze – You To Hold Me 10/10 - my cup of tea, a very good voice and melody, maybe needs a revamp if he wins, the right choice.
2. Inspo - Sway
9/10 - I loved last year's entry, this it is very different than "A Happy Place”... but, an excellent rock proposal, which I wouldn't mind seeing liverpol
3. RAUM | Fake Love
8/10 - one more return, it's better than "plans", I like it, but there are better options
4. JUSTS | Strangers
7.5/10 - a good pop, with a striking chorus, however it's just more of the same, or it will have a good staging, or it will be NQ.
5. Saule – Finally Happy
6.5/10 - a peaceful vibe
6. Sudden Lights – Aijā
7. Katrine Miller – Beaten Down 6/10
8. Avéi – Let Me Go 5.5/10
9. Patrisha – Hush 5/10
10. Toms Kalderauskis – When It All Falls 5/10
11. Adriana Miglane - Like I Wanna 4.5/10
12. Markus Riva – Forever - 4/10
13. Alise Haijima - Tricky - 3.5/10
14. 24. Avēnija - You Said - 2.5/10
15. Artūrs Hatti – Love Vibes - 2/10


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February 19, 2017
Nice to see Inspo competing again. I really like "A Happy Place" from 2022, there was something touching about this song that captivated me. "Sway" isn't that good, tho it's still a good song, nice blend of calm sound with stronger guitar parts. I also like "Hush" by Patrisha. Quite catchy song. I remember Alise Haijima from Supernova Live Audition in 2020. I really enjoyed her song "Me Me Song". Not my type of music, but it was really interesting. She didn't advance to the final, sadly. About the rest I can say that some of them are ok, but most of them are not interesting and there are some bad songs in this NF. Justs surprised me with his so tiring and boring song. My ranking:

1. Inspo - Sway 7,5/10
2. Patrisha - Hush 7/10
3. Sudden Lights - Aijā 6,5/10
4. 24. Avēnija - You Said 6/10
5. Alise Haijima - Tricky 5/10
6. Raum - Fake Love 5/10
7. Avéi - Let Me Go 4/10
8. Adriana Miglāne - Like I Wanna 3/10
9. Markus Riva - Forever 3/10
10. Katrine Miller - Beaten Down 3/10
11. Artūrs Hatti - Love Vibes 3/10
12. Toms Kalderauskis - When It All Falls 3/10
13. Luīze - You to Hold Me 2/10
14. Justs - Stranger 2/10


Well-known member
March 21, 2021
Hi everyone and greetings from :ee:xwave

Giving you my honest assessment of the SUPERNOVA 2023 selection. Hate me or love me after that xcoffee

Listening to all songs full for first time (only audio from site) here's my opinion:

(14.) 24. Avēnija - "You Said"
Modern, no doubt. But no melody to grab onto. Forgot it immediately after listening. Sorry.

(13.) Justs - "Stranger"
Nope, to mellow. Nothing particularly dislikeable in the song, but... Just not good enough to win Supernova. Also, I'm not a fan of this sadboi song genre.

(12.) Markus Riva - "Forever"
Also, not bad. Kind of Weeknd'ish beat. Can't say I like it a lot, but it's listenable. If I look forward to Liverpool, I wouldn't expect it to do well. So, not a Supernova winner for me.

(11.) Sudden Lights - "Aijā"
Sad rock beat. Not bad at all. But too sad for my taste. I might listen to it more some day. Not a winner in my book, though.

(10.) Toms Kalderauskis - "When It All Falls''
No no... It's somewhat better than some other entries, and pleasant for the ears at some point, but... Doesn't ring my bell significantly. Not going to win this year.

(9.) Artūrs Hatti - "Love Vibes"
In some parts, seems too familiar. But not in a bad way. The chorus is catchy enough and memorable. Might do good in the final!

(8.) Avéi - "Let Me Go"
Very nice! Slow melodic harmony at the beginning. Does not scream a winner for me, but this is one I would personally listen to many times after the competition! Overall, I like it!

(7.) Adriana Miglāne - "Like I Wanna"
Reminds me of Estonia's Elysa in some parts (the song I absolutely dislike). But this is MUCH better! Can feel the vibe! Might do well at ESC (but not exceptionally well).

(6.) Alise Haijima - "Tricky"
Nice beat! Unique voice. Overall, a bit too bland. No big "kick" in the song imo.

(5.) Luīze - "You to Hold Me"
Good song! Not bad at all! Not a winner at Supernova, there are better entries. But that's going to my personal playlist for sure.

(4.) Katrine Miller - "Beaten Down"
Nice voice. Comforting in some way. Really a quality ballad, nothing bad to say. Don't mind if she wins.

(3.) Patrisha - "Hush"
Wow! Powerful! Good entry! Playlist material for me! COULD win and probably won't do badly in Liverpool!

(2.) Inspo - "Sway"
Oh.. A rock song! Didn't expect that at the beginning! Evanescence vibes coming on! Not a bad thing, I like this genre quite a lot. Not specifically a rock fan, but this is different.
I can see it winning Supernova. How well would it do in Liverpool, I don't know... Depends on the staging.

(1.) Raum - "Fake Love"
Modern beat, that's good! Mixing the genres quite well. Contender for the win, for sure! Actually, I'd WANT it to win! My favorite by far!

Good luck on 11th of February! Will be watching you!xmetal



April 1, 2021
The only songs that have stuck in my mind since listening to all the songs are Sway and Hush but honestly whatever Latvia ends up picking I think it will be another NQ assuming the rest of their semi is atleast semi competent
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Ajeje Brazorf

Well-known member
October 6, 2021
My ranking of Supernova (top 5)

1 - Luize - You to hold me: really good song, imo. It's ballady but has a modern chorus. Her voice seems good, really interesting.

2 - Patrisha - Hush: I see this one as the favourite. It can definitely broke Latvia NQ streak, because it's boppy, modern and has a nice progression. Waiting for the live to see how it will work on stage, though.

3 - Sudden Lights - Aija: a totally good nostalgic rock song. It's a personal favourite, but I don't see it doing well on Eurovision, though.

4 - Inspo - Sway: it will be a risky entry, because not everyone likes this genre. But I do. So this song works totally fine for me. Maybe not the best of all songs in the competition, but one of the most original of the bunch.

5 - Raum - Fake Love: initially I found it a little cheap, but it's not that bad, actually. Can see it grow even more on me if performed well.

The rest: meh or bleah.


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April 24, 2015
The more and more I had Aijā on repeat during the past days the more it made me fall in love with this song. This would bring such fresh air to Eurovision!


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February 15, 2020
The more and more I had Aijā on repeat during the past days the more it made me fall in love with this song. This would bring such fresh air to Eurovision!
I feel the same way, I guess, but my worry is that the majority of those who vote will not listen to it more than once or twice - and that could be a problem because the song is not that accessible.


Well-known member
April 24, 2015
I feel the same way, I guess, but my worry is that the majority of those who vote will not listen to it more than once or twice - and that could be a problem because the song is not that accessible.
Don’t get me wrong, I already really liked it after the first listening!


Well-known member
April 24, 2015

Somehow this song came into my mind today quite randomly. I loved it back in 2017. This didn't deserve the last place in the SF at all. Yes, the chorus is quite repetitive and the staging wasn't that good (quite static IMHO) but anyway, this is a banger. Maybe it was ahead of its time? With more staging effort and maybe minor song improvements, this could have been a :ua: 2021 moment for :lv:.

Anyway, I really hope :lv: will finally get a good result again this year.
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