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November 27, 2013
I hope to see these fake comments like Eastern Europeans rigged the Online Voting vanish and fade away now.
Seriously, all these bitter gheys tried to take away some dignity and pride from Poland's first two victories in Eurovision ever. I hope that Poland being part of the bottom 5 proves that the current voting is fair and actually DOES work for a concept like JESC.

I was hoping for Spain, Belarus, Kazakshtan to win (and Ukraine to do better since I honestly enjoyed that song) but I'm happy for France! They've waited so long for receiving another trophy in the Eurovision universe + it's a cute, joyful and well-produced/composed song for children.

Germany finishing last was inescapable. Our entry was the worst and least exciting or interesting one. I feel bad for Susan, in general, and I just hope that KiKa (our German broadcaster) will not use this outcome as an excuse to withdraw from the competition. We just need to either come up with a powerful and memorable ballad or a catchy and well-produced bop... It's a pity Susan got another "Perfect Life", "Black Smoke" or "Sister" to represent us.. basic, inoffensive songs do not work in Eurovision.. I'm acutally quite mad that Germany still hasn't learnt a single thing from the 00's and 10's....

I don't think it was ever the eastern european 'conspiracy' was the issue. I think it was the popularity of the contest in certain countries which caused confusion when you can vote for your own country
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