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Hiding posts of some users who are on your black list.


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March 17, 2013
I've been wondering.. sometimes chats here tend to be more, uhm, aggressive? Also nowadays people get irritated and butthurt way more often than they have reasons for.
On some other eurovision forums, there's an option to put users that you don't like, on something like black list. It's pretty useful against trolls that happen to appear out of nowhere or guys who keep quoting every post you write just so they can disagree with you.
If one have someone on their black list, while loading the page, the site shows them just the posts that aren't written by the users included on a black list.
It shouldn't do anything with quotes, if someone who is not on a blacklist quotes someone who is on a blacklist, in his post there should be still both the quote, and his response to that. So that you know what they are responding to without the necessity to unblock the black listed person.
Of course each user would have their very own black list to manage with a possibility to add and remove users from that.

I think this would help a lot without a need to waste moderators time on checking each reported post there is.


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August 2, 2015
That is already on the forum. :D
I am using it on a few users and I must decide if I want to view their post or not when I enter a page they have written on.
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