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Guess the Entry by the Comment


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January 9, 2019
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Let's fight post-Eurovision depression with a game I'm calling "Guess the Entry by the Comment" (very creative name, I know)!

Every year since 2018, I've documented my thoughts on that year's entries at various points throughout the Eurovision season. I've gone through my notes and grabbed a handful, which are listed below. Your job is to guess what entry I'm talking about given the year, the point in the season, and the contents of the comment itself. I've picked comments that aren't entirely based on my opinion, so you don't need to know my personal taste to play along!

In addition to guessing, feel free to add your own comments for others to guess! I'm sure I'm not the only one who documents this stuff ;). I've also included "translations" for a couple of my slang terms, just in case they're Americanisms :p.

  • Weird [song] structure… I think I love it” (2018, initial thoughts)
  • “The staging is so wacky it might help [it qualify]” (2018, post-rehearsals)
  • “The poor [country] Eurofans are never gonna get their big break” (2018, post-final)
  • “Pissed, pissed, pissed. The [national final] televote had literally no effect” (2019, initial reaction)*
  • “I heard a live acoustic version and it hit me with the feels” (2019, pre-rehearsals)**
  • “How in the fuck did this not finish 41st?” (2019, post-final)
  • “Shocking how low this came in the semis! And [the fandom] thought it came 11th haha nooooope” (2019, post-final)
  • “Idk man I guess I don’t get much out of men singing dramatically in [language]” (2020, initial reaction)
  • This has grown on me and I now very much support this sad boi” (2020, pre-rehearsals RIP)
  • This belongs in a 90s Disney movie and is very out of place here” (2021, initial thoughts)
  • Complete opposite of what I was expecting and I think I hate it” (2021, initial thoughts)
  • [Artist] is an icon and this is the cookoo bop we all deserved” (2021, initial thoughts)
  • By far the staging that I am most excited to see, based on what I've heard” (2021, post-rehearsals)
  • Omg can we just skip [country] for once?” (2021, post-semis)
  • The staging didn't match the song and [singer] couldn't dance and emote at the same time” (2021, post-final)
  • “They saw Bulgaria was #1 in 2020 betting odds and said ‘I'd like some of that!’” (2022, initial reaction)
  • “At least the singer has more energy [than in the national final]” (2022, pre-semis)
  • “I love when [country] goes full balls-to-the-walls” (2022, pre-semis)
  • “[Country] said BUDGET” (2022, pre-semis)
  • “[Country’s broadcaster] needs to go through the phonebook and look for new stage designers” (2022, pre-semis)
  • “Yeehaw” (2022, post-semis)
*By "pissed" I mean "angry"
**"Hit me with the feels" = it made me emotional

This is a certified BOP and will forever be a part of my life” (2020, pre-rehearsals RIP)
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