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Germany GERMANY 2015 - Ann Sophie – Black Smoke

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Well-known member
September 7, 2019
Bavaria, Germany
Well, now let´s move on to the 2015 entry of my country, Germany!! Yeah!! :confused:

I won´t comment about the scandal in the preselection that year, since I think enough has been written about it. :de: was in the end represented by Ann Sophie with her title "Black Smoke". The song is a pretty dark soul pop song, something I don´t mind when I hear it on the radio, but also not that special. My biggest problem was sadly Ann Sophie herself. Maybe she´s a nice person, but on screen she didn´t appear that warm-hearted and when she sang I didn´t feel anything, it always sounded very cramped. (n)

Her performance in the final contained many mistakes as well. First of all the background looked pretty strange, it kinda reminded me of a Rorschach test. Then it also was a pretty stupid idea to show her back to the audience for 32 seconds, it looked very distanced and cold. In the end this average radio song got buried among the many slower songs that evening, the big fat :0: was a bit too mean though, luckily this stupid system isn´t used anymore.

All in all I gave this :3:, it wasn´t a complete disaster and the song itself wasn´t really bad, but the performance was badly executed and Ann Sophe sold herself pretty badly. :(
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February 21, 2012
Church of Valentina
Tornado. A new song by Ann Sophie:

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