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Georgia GEORGIA 2021 - Tornike Kipiani - You

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September 28, 2009

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December 28, 2009
As I wrote in the 2020 section, the 2020 entry was pretty dire, lyrically a trainwreck, amateur production and hook (like often with Georgian entries). Now I like that Georgia is a country taking risks in ESC, and I don't mind a 90's inspired rock song, but I hope with a year to work they can come out with an actually good entry in this genre, the guy is clearly a talented singer so the potential is there with the right entry. I don't mind some 90's grunge, but please do it right! I really want to like Georgia because they really do their own thing in ESC, and more countries should take risks like they, but I dunno why everything they come up with sounds so half-baked and amateur though?


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November 27, 2013
Please send a song like "Arya" again



June 5, 2019
I really want to like Georgia because they really do their own thing in ESC, and more countries should take risks like they, but I dunno why everything they come up with sounds so half-baked and amateur though?

Georgia had ideas in mind but their execution never came into ripe fruition. Think it could be influenced by how most of the times the songs were independently written by a solo producer or a solo act.


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April 19, 2015
I was going through all my liked videos on YouTube the other day, and I came over the beautiful song "Three Minutes To Earth" performed by the brilliant The Shin and Mariko. It's crazy that after all these years, I'm still clearly able to remember the performance, colors, and angles. I honestly love the song and the performance.

Sure it's messy and kinda laughable from a neutral viewer's perspective, but I really appreciate this effort from Georgia. I love the lyrics, even if it doesn't all make sense to me, but I've always loved these songs saying "help the planet and the environment" while mentioning elements from nature in the song. I really enjoy and salute the joik, I find it way more catchy than Fred's joik from KEIINO last year, to be honest, and it carries the song to new heights - especially when the joik blends in perfectly with Mariko's voice the last twenty seconds of the performance. I adore the guitar instrumental and the instrumental in general, it makes me feel free, joyful, and happy. This song makes me daydream - throughout the whole song because it's just something incredibly captivating, charming, and beautiful about it - it especially takes off in a little instrumental part midway through the song.

I also love the performers and the staging of the song, it's so original and interesting. They are all just so into the performance, and they have this quirky and interesting that perfectly fits and captivates the mood of the song. I just love it at the start of the song when Mariko's joyfully and happily moving with her back against the audience by then revealing herself with that beautiful voice, hair, and painted flower on her cheek. All the performers got their fair share of the wind-machine, which fit perfectly because of Mariko's lush hair. It captured the mood of being "free and just feel like you're flying". Let's also appreciate the moment when the guy on the left stands up and does his little guitar solo followed up by the "slap slap" from the drummer, which I also loved and found/find so funny and charming. The ending was also so sweet.

The staging was messy, but I still really like it - especially the use of the natural elements, but the colors were great and it looked beautiful. When it all turns green, I am totally into the song and never want it to end. All the elements of the song come into play then - Mariko's powerful voice combined with the drummer's joik. Too bad they didn't qualify, it would've been refreshing to see them in the final, and I honestly feel like they deserved it. I need to add it to my Spotify list again so I don't forget it, but they are much better live.

Let's also appreciate Mariko's hair "choreography" at 2:03, Eleni Foureira who?
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February 9, 2012
@Mrm to answer your question.... yes

I'm really excited about my top 3 from 2020 coming back, Ana, Tornike and Samanta. It's going to be hard for any of them to let me down, although I also fear it will be difficult to surpass the love I had for their previous entries. I hope they at least can match them.
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