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Favourite NF losers of 2017


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April 18, 2013
it's been 10 days since the final, which is like 90 years. it's time for everyone to post their favourite songs from the eurovision season that didn't make it to kyiv!

these have been my favourite four recently:

4- :ua: tayanna - i love you. back during the NF she was only ahead of melovin for me, but much like anja nissen, the drama just took advantage of me being in love and totally won me over. "forgive me for my feelings my friend" is literally my current whatsapp status lmao.

3- :ee: kerli - spirit animal. it had already won me over after it was performed live because who can resist an electro pagan cult ritual, but the song has eventually stood the test of time. please give eesti laul a rest for a year or two though kerli. we have a full plate with spanish fans already.

2- :is: dadi freyr - is this love?. as much as i love svala and her gloriously awkward dance moves and wardrobe, this one is perfection and should have won. probably would have done really well, too, since the televote is so smart lately.

1- :se: jon henrik and aninia - en varld full av strider. OF COURSE DUH OBVIOUSLY.

this gif is me every minute of the rest of my days.

share your faves! i have likely forgotten a bunch of good ones too.


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June 13, 2016
Fantastic idea for a thread!!
Well here are my songs that believe would have slayed at Eurovision:

:es:Mirela- Contigo, I mean this is a bit obvious, and we all know something happened that resulted in her being robbed, but wow this song is FANTASTIC. It totally would have stood out in a sea of boring ballads, it's fun, summery, and altogether perfect for Eurovision.

:se:Wiktoria- As you lay me down, the studio version of this song is SOOO GOOD. But she kinda lost the atmosphere of this song live, I thought, vocally, she wasn't there and the song seemed way slower live.

:it:Fiorella Mannoia- Che Sia Benedetta, this song actually beat Karma in the first round of Sanremo, if i remember correctly, and wow I can see why! Its a powerful, emotionally packed song that was backed up by a fantastic performance! (Although Karma is sooo good so I can't complain that this lost).

I didn't follow all the national finals this year, although next year my goal is to follow the mess that is Lithuiana's 13? shows!!


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January 17, 2012
Here are my faves:

4th place :ee: Elina Born - In Or Out: For me, "Verona" was the right winner no doubt. But Elina's effort was also really good and it's a shame she couldn't represent another country. Stig knows how to make good Eurovision songs and that one is no exception, I don't get why it was ranked last in the final (maybe because of the Pootsmann trauma?): it was catchy as heck, the arrangement were slick, organic and the saxo bit gave it a spark of originality. The song was well performed by Elina and the staging was really nice to me. I really liked that effort.

3rd place :se: Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia - En värld full av strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh): the only sensible choice Sweden could have made. It had a dreamy melody and a genuine feel to it, and it was sung in Swedish. For me, it stood out in a very unexciting Melfest lineup and would have probably done wonders in Eurovision. It would have been very apropos regarding the "Celebrate diversity" slogan as well. Swedes had the chance of surprising everyone with an effort that's very different from what they're used to sending, and the international juries apparently didn't get it. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll see another entry like this with the potential to win Melfest. Wasted opportunity.

2nd place :is: Dadi Freyr - is this love?: I kinda like "Paper" but honestly it is nothing compared with "Is This Love?": that song was really different and addictive. I loved the contrast between the electronic arrangements and Dadi's low voice. Somehow it reminded me of old video games soundtracks (which is a good thing in my book) and the overall nostalgic/sad mood of the song made it right up my alley. Performance-wise it was also different and cool, I don't know how it would have fared, but it would have definitely been in my personal top 5 of the year. I just love that song: come on Iceland! why didn't you send this?!

1st place :sl: Raiven - Zažarim: When my favourite ESC nation trolls me by not sending my favourite hopeful twice in a row... Raiven should have won against ManuElla last year, but she also deserved to take the trophee this year. The song is like a Slovenian version of "Love Injected": very modern and mysterious, yet still relatively catchy. Slovenia would have been my number one hands down. The total package was there: song, visuals, clothing, attitude, vocals... I still believe Raiven would have gone far, maybe not top 10 (because original songs weren't supported by juries this year), but a respectable place in the final. To sum up: the biggest missed opportunity of the year to me, I listen to the song daily since it was released. Hopefully, Raiven will come back for the third time next year xpray Her country needs her.


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November 1, 2015
I've always been waiting for this kind of topic. I'm so grateful towards its creator. xheat
Let's get to know who my favourites are:

The third one is...
:lv: LATVIA Katrīna Cīrule - Blood Runs Quicker
Despite having been hugely upset with her performance at the Supernova national final, I can't stop listening to this song. If she performed a bit better or practised a bit more, she could have done much more well than not making through it. However, this was a significant waste of singing skills, due to the fact that I'm pretty sure that she's well-talented. I have to say that if Latvian people went on to select her, she'd have done even worse than Aisha in 2010 regarding the whole staging and other stuff.

The second one is...

There are a lot of reasons why I got mad at most of the Ukrainian people, who decided not to vote for Tayanna, even though I'm going to mention one of them. How on the Earth did Ukraine punished her on the day of the Ukrainian final? What for? I ain't even able to tell you what went wrong with her performance... The only thing I'm pretty sure about, is that she didn't get weak vocals nor a dreadful staging. Ukraine didn't have the guts to achieve a top 5 placement nor a win twice in a row. This isn't quite logical at all though, as they were COWARD.

The best one is...

:lt: LITHUANIA Greta Zazza - Like I Love You
The point of her bad placement with both juries and televoting in the Lithuanian national final remains one of the most mystical questions/issues in the whole history. How did they dare to make her fail to win it? It slightly reminds me of Margaret last year, though she ended up on the second place at the Polish national final. To my mind, she got the strongest vocals in all of the NF's contestants. However, the staging wasn't the most flawless one. Hence the fact that she didn't do well with the juries and the televoting? It might be the reason why.


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March 4, 2011
I like these songs, although I am quite satisfied with the chosen entries.
:sl: BQL / Heart of Good
:ee: Karl-Kristjan & Whogaux ft. maialn / Have You Now
:ee: Ariadne / Feel Me Now
:ee: Rasmus Rändvee / This Love
:is: Aron Brink / Þú hefur dáleitt mig
:it: Michele Bravi / Il diario degli errori

Songs I hate, and I am very happy they flopped: En värld full av strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh), Zažarim, Hosszú idők, Kalandor, Statements, pretty much everything from Ukrainian NF - compared to them, O.Torvald sounds fantastic, Northern Lights, First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)


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August 21, 2014
Phoenix, AZ / Oovoo Javer
It's funny. I kind of had the perception that this NF season wasn't as full of incredible hits as the last two, and that if these had all been the entries, the replacements wouldn't've upgraded Eurovision 2017 by much. But that's hardly true on second thought; those listed are actually awesome for the most part.

In addition to those, special mention for :ee: Valan Pisaraid, :lt: Tavo Oda (b/c Samanta and her iconic backstroke), :fi: Caveman, :sl: Fse, :mt: Seconds Away, :se: As I Lay Me Down, plus quite a few in :md: and most of :al: and :pt:.

EDIT: How could I forget :se: Amare, :it: Tutta Colpa Mia, :se: A Million Years, :it: Ora Esisti Solo Tu, and :mt: Crazy Games? xheat


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December 27, 2014
1. Elina Born - In or Out (Eesti Laul)
2. Rasmus Rändvee - This Love (Eesti Laul)
3. Bella & Flippa - Crucified (Melodifestivalen)


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April 21, 2013
Just one for me...

:se: Jon Henrik & Aninia - Out of everything in that Melfest final, it was the most beautiful, magical and heartfelt performance in my opinion. Even watching the semifinal 4 performance, it gave me goosebumps, especially the part near the final chorus where Jon walks among the sea of light coming from the audience's phones.
And the best part for me... it was DIFFERENT. There was no better song in the Melfest final to drive home what this year's theme of "Celebrate Diversity" was all about - it showcased another side of Swedish music and culture by fusing power-pop with Sami joik - so I really don't get why the juries favored the Timberlake ripoff with plastic staging over this masterpiece (it's in regular play on a Spotify playlist I put together of some of my favorite songs from this year's ESC season, and I downloaded it from iTunes).


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March 1, 2015
:lv: The Ludvig - I'm In Love With You
he was probably buying spotify plays but it was still a really good song :lol:


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May 23, 2017
Sweden: Loreen - Statements
Sweden: Nano - Hold on
Finland: Emma - Circle of lights


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April 13, 2012
:ee: "Spirit Animal" - Kerli
:dk: "Color my World" - Rikke Skytte
:uk: "I don't wanna fight" - Salena Mastroianni
:de: "Wildfire" - Levina
:se: "Statements" - Loreen
:se: "As I lay me down" - Wiktoria
:se: "A Million Years" - Mariette
:se: "Wild Child" - Ace Wilder


July 21, 2013
:uk: Holly Brewer - Wish I Loved You More

:ee: Kerli - Spirit Animal xlove

:ee: Rasmus Randvee - This Love xlove

:ee: Ariadne - Feel Me Now xlove

:se: Loreen - Statements xlove

:se: Mariette- A Million Years

:se: JHF ft. Aninia - En Varld Full av Strider

:se: Wiktoria - As I Lay Me Down

:se: Ace Wilder - Wild Child

:se: Krista Siegfrids - Snurra Min Jord xlove

:es: Mirela - Contigo xlove

:es: LeKlein - Ouch!

:dk: Ida Una - One

:dk: Sada Vidoo - Northern Lights

:pt: Viva La Diva - Nova Gloria

:fi: Emma - Circle of Light xlove

:fi: My First Band - Paradise xlove

:fi: Zuhlke - Perfect Villain

:fi: Lauri Yrjola - Helppo Elama

:no: Amina Sewali - Mesterverk xlove

:no: Ulrikke - Places

:no: Ammunition - Wrecking Crew

:ua: Tayanna - I Love You

:de: Levina - Wildfire

:de: Axel Feige - Perfect Life

:is: Daði Freyr Pétursson - Is This Love

:is: Hildur - Bammbaramm

:is: Aron Hannes - Nott

:hu: Tóth Gabi & Freddie Shuman - Hosszú Idők ft. Lotfi Begi

:sl: Raiven - Zažarim

:lt: Greta Zazza - Like I Love You
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