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Bulgaria BULGARIA 2017 - Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess

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December 23, 2018
12 pts - a very much deserved and justified #2 place.
Absolutely stunning production. Could have worked as an international hit outside the Eurovision bubble. Those ethno elements are getting me everytime.
He's still so young but wow.. what a skillful and impressive vocalist!


April 19, 2015
I love this song, it's my 2nd most listened to after Blanche from 2017
But looking at the staging again, I somehow believe he could've been a stronger contender to Salvador with better staging for some reasons :?
The staging's good but I think it could've been better for some reasons


May 23, 2017
Should have won.
In almost any other Year he would have won.


September 7, 2019
Bavaria, Germany
Now let´s move on to :bg:!! For me Bulgaria was a country I didnt´care about for a long time. Their only entry to reach the final for a long time, "Water" from 2007, was terribly overrated and their other songs were also not that special to me. But that changed a lot in 2016 when Poli Genowa reached the final in her second attempt and got a very deserved 4th place with "If Love Was a Crime", btw my personal favourite from 2016. So I was very excited about who would represent them in 2017 and if they could repeat their huge success. And what can I say?? They really did it!!

That year they were represented by Kristian Kostov, a young singer who already was a finalist at "The Voice Kids Russia" and the Bulgarian version of X-Factor. He sang the title "Beatiful Mess", an electronic influenced ballad. The atmosphere built during this song was really great and vocally he was absolutely on point, both in the semi and the grand final. The background animations were also great because they were very subtle and didn´t overshadow the song, so thumbs up to the person who had this idea. (y)

During the ESC week I had this feeling that this could do extremely well, and during the voting I was really torn apart between many countries I supported, in the end :bg:ended up in a very strong second place. He did really well both with the juries and in the televote, where he received points from every country, something that otherwise only :pt: managed to do that year. I still don´t get how he only scored 5 points from the televote in :de:since he even got :12: in the semi, but even the great Poli only got :4: the year before, so I don´t know. 🤷‍♂️

Anyway, this was a totally deserved result for :bg:, and probably alongside :be: the most modern song of the year. I still listen to it a lot and I wouldn´t mind to see Kristian again in the future. I give this song a very strong :10:, the only reason I don´t hand out :12: is that some countries touched me a litle bit more on the emotional level, but it´s still a great entry!! xmusic

Congratulations Bulgaria!! Hopefully you will come back soon!! xpray
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January 31, 2020
I think that he will try again in the future and I'm actually looking forward to that.

As of for this entry, I honestly think he was too young, that was the only minus of his performance. Other than that it was all very good.

For me personally the song works better if I just listen to the studio version, because if I watch the performance I can't help it but think he is a kid who sings about something way too serious for his age.
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